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Zunari's Shop,(TWW)[1] also called the Windfall Island Shop,(TWW)[2][name reference needed] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. Zunari's Shop goes unnamed in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Features and Overview

The Wind Waker

When Link first arrives to Windfall Island, Zunari's Shop has nothing but a Sail to sell. Once he buys the Sail for 80 Rupees, Zunari's business begins to grow with the help of Link and the Wandering Merchants.[3] Once Link forms a Merchant's Oath with them, the merchants begin to deliver Decorations to Zunari's Shop. The first item Link can trade with them is the Town Flower, which is obtained from Zunari's Shop. As Link continues to trade with the Gorons, more items to sell begin to arrive at the shop.[4] Eventually, his shop turns out to be a huge success, with a variety of items to sell that can help decorate the island.

After Mila is rescued from the Forsaken Fortress, she can be seen working at Zunari's Shop.[5]

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
TWW Big Catch Flag Model.png
Big Catch Flag
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 85 Rupees
TWW Big Sale Flag Model.png
Big Sale Flag
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 35 Rupees
TWW Exotic Flower Model.png
Exotic Flower
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 25 Rupees
TWW Fountain Idol Model.png
Fountain Idol
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 60 Rupees
TWW Hero's Flag Model.png
Hero's Flag
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 75 Rupees
TWW Pinwheel Model.png
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 55 Rupees
TWW Postman Statue Model.png
Postman Statue
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 100 Rupees
TWW Sea Flower Model.png
Sea Flower
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 20 Rupees
TWW Shop Guru Statue Model.png
Shop Guru Statue
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 200 Rupees
TWW Sickle Moon Flag Model.png
Sickle Moon Flag
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 40 Rupees
TWW Skull Tower Idol Model.png
Skull Tower Idol
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 60 Rupees
TWW Town Flower Model.png
Town Flower
TWW Green Rupee Model.png 10 Rupees

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Zunari's Shop appears next to an Outpost between the School of Joy Keep and the Windfall Shops Keep of the Forsaken Fortress Stage.



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