"Oh, visitors to this village are truly rare, you know. We of the Zuna tribe live in this village. We may not look like it now, but we are descended from the wise pyramid builders!"
— Zuna

Red ZunaThe Zuna are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This green-skinned tribe of people co-inhabit the Desert of Doubt, along with the Gerudo. Because the Zuna Tribe lives in such an isolated part of the Desert of Doubt, they are rarely seen by outsiders, especially those from outside the desert. The Zuna have an ancient history of which few are knowledgeable. It is known, however, that they were once the builders of the Pyramids, including the one that houses the Trident, as each Zuna is told during their childhood.

Traditional Zuna dress is quite different to that of the Gerudo; some wear white ankle-length cloaks and a white turban with a feather sticking out of the top. Others wear red ankle-length cloaks that cover their mouths and a red turban that has a red headdress hanging down from it. It could be that this is a face veil and cloak rather than one piece. There is also a small white flower atop the red turban. It should be noted that the cloaks of the Zuna wearing blue stop just above or at the ankles whereas the cloaks of the Zuna wearing red continue below the ankles and possibly drag the ground.

Interestingly, the voices used for the Zuna are re-used voice samples of Japas from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


Theory warning: This section contains theoretical information based on the research of one or several other users. It has not been officially verified by Nintendo and its factual accuracy is disputed.

It is possible that the different types of clothing worn by the Zuna indicate gender. In many real-world desert societies, females are required to cover their faces just as the red-robed Zuna do. Also, many cultures associate flowers with femininity, which supports the theory that the red-robed Zuna are female. Further supporting this theory, the red-robed Zuna have higher voices than their blue-robed counterparts. Also the different lengths of their cloaks could also indicate gender difference as a result of different dress codes for men and women.

The theory about the Zuna's origin ranges from them being descendants of the Gerudo or Sheikah to evolving from the Twili.

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