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The Zuna inhabit the Desert of Doubt in Four Swords Adventures.[1] Little is known about them aside from that they are descendants of the ones who built the Pyramid housing the trident that eventually made Ganondorf King of Darkness.




Zuna Village

From the side, it looks like their heads are supposed to be rather thin, with no signs of a nose. Since the graphics do not provide much detail, this may not be an accurate observation. This means that currently, their sole distinct feature is their vibrant green skin, which is pale green at their faces. Some may say they are cactus-like.


Their garbs are reminiscent of Middle Eastern or Indian culture, featuring turbans and flowing robes. The Zuna reside in huts topped in giant flowers, which, along with the high amount of plants/seeds in their well-watered village, might suggest affiliation to the plant life.

Among the few examples of culture seen is a massage salon, which offers a special technique known as a sand rub to improve one's health.[2] Underneath the salon, another Zuna hosts a low-risk gambling game. He requests a payment of 100 Force Gems to allow the client to pick one from three Treasure Chests which may contain 1, 100, 150 or 300 Force Gems.[3]

Due to living deep in the desert, the Zuna have little contact with outsiders. More so, despite sharing their habitat with the Gerudo, who decide who enters the Desert of Doubt and who consider the Pyramid sacred, they do not seem to have any noteworthy bond to them. The Zuna are happy to welcome visitors to their village though.[4]

The Zuna are descendants of the ones who built the Pyramid far off into the Desert of Doubt, past the Desert Temple.[5] Supposedly, that happened in a time their tribe was much more advanced, as one Zuna notes that "[they] may not look it now, but [they] are descended from the wise pyramid builders".[6] The story of their legacy is made sure to be passed on to each Zuna during their youth.[7]

Four Swords Adventures[]

Zuna Village saw Ganondorf pass through on his way to the Pyramid shortly before the events of Four Swords Adventures.[4] When Link came by later, the Zuna informed him of this and he promptly went on to the Pyramid.

The Hero met two more Zuna outside of the village. One in the desert, who advised him on how to get past one of the desert's many traps,[8] and one within the pyramid, who mentioned the need for Pegasus Boots to cross the pitfalls.[9]


The Zuna may have been named for the Zuni, a Native American tribe in the southwestern United States. Their name may also be based on the Japanese word for sand, 砂 (Suna).

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Japan Japanese ズナ (Zuna)
French Republic FrenchEU Zuna
Federal Republic of Germany German Zuna


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