"Oh! Welcome to the Mountain Smithy, where we take our time to make a good point. I am Zubora, the owner. Pleased to meet you."
— Zubora

Zubora and Gabora are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are two blacksmiths who own and operate the Mountain Smithy in the Mountain Village of Snowhead. Zubora is a short, thin Terminan Hylian and Gabora is a gigantic, hulking creature whose race is unknown.


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Due to the evil actions of the Skull Kid, Snowhead has been experiencing perpetual winter, freezing Zubora and Gabora's forge. Link defeats Goht inside the Snowhead Temple and restores spring to the mountain, melting the ice that was covering the forge (this can also be achieved prior to defeating Goht with the use of Hot Spring Water or the Fire Arrows).

With the forge now unfrozen, Zubora offers to forge Link's Kokiri Sword for a price of 100 Rupees, which will be finished by dawn of the next day in the three-day cycle. Upon returning for his sword, he finds it has been forged into the Razor Sword, a sword that is stronger than the Kokiri Sword but breaks after 100 swings or the "Song of Time" is played. This sword can in turn be permanently reforged into the Gilded Sword if Link brings Zubora and Gabora a bottle of Gold Dust. Zubora apparently steals some as he tells Link to tell no one and that there was some dust left over but he got rid of it. This can only be done during the First and Second Days, due to the Carnival of Time being held on the morning after the Final Day.

During the end credits, Zubora and Gabora can be seen amongst the crowd attending Guru-Guru's performance in the Milk Bar (assuming the player solved Guru-Guru's troubles and obtained the Bremen Mask).

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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The words "Zubora Gabora" are written in Hylian on Phantom Ganon's Sword.

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