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Zora Underling
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Zora Underling are attendants to Queen Oren in A Link Between Worlds. They are a special sort of Zora.


After Yuga seals Hyrule Castle, Link's journey to find the Pendants of Virtue brings him to the entrance to Zora's Domain, where he encounters a Zora Underling. The Zora Underling tells the young hero that he witnessed a Shady Guy vaulting over the gap that leads to Zora's Domain.[1] The Zora Underling tells Link that he cannot swim, despite being a Zora.[2] If Link crosses the gap and reemerges on the other side, the Zora Underling will be surprised at the young hero's power.[3]

When Link reaches the hidden cave behind the waterfall containing Queen Oren's chamber, the Shady Guy bumps into Link while running out.[4] Shortly thereafter, the young hero learns that he stole Queen Oren's Smooth Gem.[5][6] This causes a disturbance among the Zoras,[7] as without the Smooth Gem, Oren's body begins to bloat due to her inability to control her power.[8] Out of concern for their monarch, the Zora Underlings plead for Link to retrieve it for them in order to save her. Once Link purchases it from the Street Merchant and returns it to Oren, the Zoras thank the young hero and give him the Zora's Flippers out of gratitude.

After Link completes the House of Gales, a Zora Underling can be found outside it. He will tell Link that he swam with his queen, but that she was too fast for him, causing him to lose track of her.[9] Yuga later reveals that he used this opportunity to seal Queen Oren within a Painting. While the Queen is absent, a Zora Underling stays within Zora's Domain, commenting on how easy his job is.[10]


  • One of the Zora Underlings will remark that they should have stolen the Smooth Gem first in order to make a large sum of money, but later berates himself for talking about it in front of the Queen.[11]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French-speaking countries French Zora
Federal Republic of Germany German Zora
Italian Republic Italian Zora
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Zora


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