"The ornamentation that adorns this blade is a traditional Zora design. It's forged from a very durable and rust-proof metal."
Hyrule Compendium

The Zora Sword is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a one-handed Zora sword. One can be found along with a Silver Shield on the northwest bridge of Zora's Domain. It can be seen as a companion to the Zora made Silver Shield.

It has a base attack of 15 though this can be increased by certain weapon bonuses. Interestingly it has the same attack and durability as the the Rito Feathered Edge swords both in terms of base and bonus enhanced stats only differing in design and blade length. Additionally like the Feathered Edge, Link never encounters the races that made them actually wielding them. However it is implied Bazz learned to wield one (and/or a Silver Longsword) while learning swordsmanship from his childhood friend Link and presumably Link himself may have wielded them in his childhood while staying in Zora's Domain as he was a swordsman prodigy by the age of four as he only acquired the Master Sword by his teenage years according to Mipha's Diary. Presumably he switched to Zora Swords during his time in Zora's Domain as they would be better suited to the wet environment and would be easier to acquire in Zora's Domain than Hylian blades.

Zora primarily wield spears with Zora Swords presumably serving as backup weapons or to allow Zora to wield shields as they are the only single-handed Zora weapon as all others require two hands to wield properly.

Its base attack and base durability are superior to the Soldier's Broadsword and Eightfold Blade, however the Gerudo Scimitar has higher base attack though the Zora Sword has greater base durability. It is inferior to the Knight's Broadsword and Moonlight Scimitar in terms of base attack and base durability.

As its blade is rustproof, Zora Swords are not susceptible to turning into Rusty Broadswords which is invaluable to the aquatic and long-lived Zora as most Hylian blades (Traveler's Sword, Soldier's Broadsword, Knight's Broadsword, Royal Broadsword, and even Master Sword are vulnerable to rust though the Master Sword can repair itself over time and is more resistant to rust due to its divine origins) tend to rust overtime without proper care or maintenance thus Zora Swords last longer and the Zora can leave them exposed to the elements without worry of rust.

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