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The Zora Stone Monuments are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These stone tablets were mostly written by King Dorephan, with the exemption of the two Addendums and Memoir of a Gifted Stonemason, which were written by the unnamed stonemason who was commissioned to create them. They record the history of the Zoras. There are ten scattered around Zora's Domain, throughout the Lanayru Great Spring region in addition to the one found within the domain. Two of them have become deteriorated over time making reading them difficult such as the Stone Monument of Zora's Domain, while the others remain intact. Some record historical events including the founding of Zora's Domain, the construction of the East Reservoir Lake, the origins of certain Zora traditions, the life and death of Princess Mipha, the actions of King Dorephan and Prince Sidon following the Great Calamity. Some even mentions historical figures from other games such as Princess Ruto from Ocarina of Time.


The final monument is actually a memoir of the Zora Stonemason commissioned to put King Dorephan's words in stone. Originally King Dorephan commissioned a single monument but the stonemason realized there was too much for a single monument and didn't have the heart to shorten the text so he separated them into seven monuments before deciding to add two more about King Dorephan and Prince Sidon's heroism. He added a third recounting the history of their creation and believed his name would be forever remembered though ironically the stonemason forgot to sign their name thus their identity is unknown though its implied they are no longer alive. While most of the monuments remain intact, the monuments (one is a duplicate) that record part seven are badly weathered though given they tell of Link's heroism it is possible they were intentionally vandalized by a member or members of the Council of Elders without the historian Jiahto's knowledge as save for Kapson all the elders including Jiahto blamed Link for Mipha's death, thus some may have sought to vandalize the monuments to his heroism which Jiahto presumably would not have approved of as a historian despite sharing their hatred for Link at least until he frees Vah Ruta causing Jiahto and the remaining elders to let go of their hatred. Jiahto himself and Link seems to be under the impression that time has taken its toll on said monuments though the others are well intact indicating that vandalism is a possibility. Alternatively the stonemason craved those two first the one in Zora's Domain being the first and the near the bridge leading to Zora's Domain being the second. If they were the oldest monuments it would make sense they'd start to weather first.

Related Side Quest

"Link... It seems that... I was wrong about you. Seeing Divine Beast Vah Ruta's form there... Even though we lost Lady Mipha, it seems she can still help you fight against Calamity Ganon... Oh! I am sorry I did not introduce myself sooner. I am Jiahto. I am a historian who studies Zora history and preserves it for future generations. Even so, this stone monument that King Dorephan supposedly wrote... It's torn to pieces now. Most likely, the 10 stone monuments outside of the domain are in the same awful condition. I'm thinking about collecting the contents of all the stone monuments and compiling them into a book. But with these old legs and fins, traveling to all 10 stone monuments will take a great deal of time. That is why... Link... I'd like to ask a favor of you. I'd like you to find all 10 stone monuments around Zora's Domain and tell me what they say."
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During the side quest "Zora Stone Monuments", Jiahto asks Link to find the ten Zora Stone Monuments in order to compile them all in a book. The one in Zora's Domain does not count as Jiahto already knows its location and it is actually a copy of a tablet found on the path leading to Zora's Domain. Jiahto is afraid the other monuments will become weathered like the one in Zora's Domain and wishes to preserve their contents as a historian. Jiahto will reward Link with a Diamond after he finds and reads all ten.

Zora Helm

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"Oh! Thank you! You truly are a lifesaver! How reassuring that the Champion will search for those monuments for me! I ahve it on good authority that among those stone monuments, one has the location of some treasure written on it. If you happen to find said treasure, feel free to keep it. It will most likely be something that a Zora wouldn't need. Yes, you'll find the 10 stone monuments around Zora's Domain... I believe in you. In fact, I'm counting on you! '"
Breath of the Wild Zora Armor Set Zora Helm (Icon)

The monument from Zora's Domain provides clues that can lead Link to the location of the Zora Helm. As the tablet is deteriorated, Link must carefully read the monuments text, filling in missing letters and gaps like a word puzzle. The monument ultimately points Link in the direction of Toto Lake where the Zora Helm can be found. Careful reading reveals a story of how a century ago before the Great Calamity, Link once slayed a Lynel that threatened Zora's Domain and during the battle somehow won the Zora Helm which was later enshrined in Toto Lake in memory of Link's heroics. However it should be noted that it only provides clues to the Zora Helm's location and obtaining it has no role to the "Zora Stone Monuments" nor is the Zora Helm a quest item. Jiahto however does note that one of the monument's supposedly leads to treasure indicating he is aware of the Zora Helm as he notes that it's most likely something the Zora don't need. However Link can acquire the Zora Helm at any point he manages to reach Toto Lake and removes the Treasure Chest containing the helm with the Magnesis Rune. The Zora Stone Monument puzzle just informs Link of the Zora Helm's location in Toto Lake as obtaining it is entirely optional.

Interestingly Mipha's Diary gives an eyewitness account of Link's battle with the Lynel which reveals Princess Mipha was present and makes no mention of Link acquiring the Zora Helm, indicating it may have been awarded to him after the fact though was apparently returned to the Zora, as Link only slayed the Lynel to protect his Zora friends and prevent it from harming Mipha after she followed Link on his hunt for the beast and refused to leave his side despite his insistence she should return to Zora's Domain. Regardless of how it was acquired the Zora later enshrined it in the lake's temple which like most Zora temples was submerged underwater. However following the Great Calamity all monuments to Link's heroism fell into disrepair as the temple and two Zora Stone Monuments (one being a copy) fell to ruins presumably due to the influence of the Zora Council of Elders who blamed Link and the Hylians for the Calamity and Mipha's death. Additionally the area near Toto Lake becoming home to monsters and a Lynel (either a new one or the one Link slain was resurrected by Ganon during a Blood Moon) once again took up residence on nearby Ploymus Mountain. It should be noted only the Zora Armor is confirmed to have been crafted by Mipha as the Zora Greaves are leg armor crafted by Zora for Hylians since the completion of East Reservoir Lake and were once sold at the Armor Shop once run by Laflat's father before it was forced to close. Besides the monument, the Zora Helm's origins are unclear beyond the fact it is made from dragon scales. Its possible King Dorephan commissioned its creation as a reward for protecting his daughter and defeating the Lynel as the Zora Greaves where originally commissioned by the King Zora responsible for working with the King of Hyrule to stop flooding in the Lanayru province, with the Greaves serving as a sign of friendship between the Zora and Hylians. Presumably Link left the armor in Zora's Domain which was eventually enshrined in Toto Lake before the area became overrun by monsters. The armor's ability to allow the user to perform a swimming Spin Attack may have been inspired by the technique he used to slay the Lynel.

History of the Zora

Part One

"The rains have blessed Lanayru since ancient times with an abundance of pure, clean water. Seeking a bounty of such water, the Zora gathered there. Thus, as the legends go, the domain was born 10,000 years ago. The land was also rich in ore, and so a unique form of stonemasonry was developed to create our new home. The domain is one giant sculpture, a feat of architecture that has drawn admires the world over. Our great domain will ever stand as a hallmark of the esteemed artist who made it, an eternal symbol of Zora pride."
— The Eternal Zora's Domain

Part Two

"Once every 10 years, the Lanayru region experiences unusually heavy rainfall. The Zora River flooded every time. The tides damaged not only our domain but our people, washing away poor souls and causing great suffering and disarray. The Zora king of that time, after seeking aid from the king of Hyrule, rode out to see what could be done. By joining the architectural genius of the Zora and Hyrule's technological prowess, East Reservoir Lake was swiftly built. Thanks to this fruitful partnership, Hyrule was no longer plagued by these devastating floods. In gratitude, the Zora king promised the king of Hyrule to manage the reservoir level to protect all of Hyrule from floods. Each Zora king since has kept that oath, spanning 10,000 years. That is why the reservoir signifies our bond with Hyrule."
— A Reservoir of Hope

Part Three

"Our scholars say that in the distant past, Zora's Domain had a king with no special talent for the art of war. What he lacked in skill with a blade he made up for in love for his people, and especially love for his queen. One day, news reached the king of a horde of monsters gathering in the Zodobon Highlands. The king steeled himself for war to protect his people, but the queen knew how ill suited for the task he was. Worried for his life, she wove one of her own scales into his armor, hoping that her love would protect him in battle. It seemed for a time that the tide of battle favored the Zora and that all would make it safely home. But the cunning Lizalfos general saw an opening and seized it, driving the king's forces into a corner. Just when the general's sword was ready to crash down upon the king, a miracle took place. An errant sunbeam reflected from the scale on his armor blinded the Lizalfos stopping the deathblow from falling. This was the chance the king needed to rally his forces and turn the tide, taking down the general and securing victory. This came to be known as the Miracle of the White Scale, a scale that only female Zora possess. It was this miracle that began the tradition of Zora princesses crafting armor for their future husbands."
— Miracle of the White Scale

Part Four

"The queen and I were blessed with a daughter as lovely as a jewel. We named out princess... Mipha. To celebrate her birth, the smithy Dento presented Mipha with a gift: a mighty spear called the Lightscale Trident. Mipha grew into a bright girl and soon reached the age of receiving lessons from the royal family's order of knights. The whole of the royal guard adored her, especially Sergeant Seggin, who loved her as if she were his own kin. Under Seggin's instruction, Mipha honed her skills, and her radiance grew along with her skill with the Lightscale Trident. As a Champion, Mipha made her people proud. However, once the Great Calamity struck, she was never to return. All of Zora's Domain fell into misery. The merest thought of the princess was enough to overcome anyone with tears. As a way of offering her soul repose, they tried to send the Lightscale Trident drifting down the Zora River. But when they did, the trident began to glow, and Mipha's voice rang loud and clear for all Zora to hear: "The Lightscale Trident and I are one... Abandon your grief and know joy once again. Do not cry...just remember." And so, keeping to her request, on the day of the Great Calamity...the day that Mipha passed from this world... the Zora venerate the Lightscale Trident and remember their brave princess. Such is the origin of the Champion Festival."
— The Lightscale Trident

Part Five

"Long, long ago... In a past more distant than even the Great Calamity or the creation of the Divine Beast Vah Ruta... There was a Zora princess named Ruto. We know that she was an attendant to the Zora patron deity and that she was a fair and lively girl, beloved to all. Around that same time, an evil man with designs on ruling the world appeared, bring disaster upon Zora's Domain. It is said that Ruto awoke as a sage facing this foe alongside the princess of Hyrule and the hero of legend. Her achievements are remembered not only by the Zora, they are forever etched in the history of Hyrule. The Divine Beast Vah Ruta, built ages later to face off against Calamity Ganon, was named in honor of Ruto. That the Zora princess-my sweet daughter Mipha-was chosen to pilot Ruta is surely the work of fate."
— The Sage Princess Ruto

Part Six

"When the Divine Beast Vah Ruta was first discovered at Zora's Domain, my daughter Mipha hurried to see it. Those present that day say they saw an unusual sparkle of excitement in Mipha's normally calm eyes as she beheld Ruta. The princess spoke of the Divine Beast as she would a friend and was overjoyed when she was chosen to pilot Ruta. I thought nothing of it at the time, but given the events that followed, I now regret allowing this to happen. I have spent many long years consumed by guilt. My dearest wish is that her soul will know peace. I pray for it every day."
— Divine Beast Vah Ruta

Part Seven

Time Worn Text
"T--re was a time when the p--ple of the land were thre--ened by the dr--- beast Ly-e- who lived on Pl--mu- M--ntain. But one Hy---n drove th- beast back an- re--ored p--ce to the do--in. Th- Zora helm w-n in th-s fight i- no- north of --- in the r--ns near ---- L-ke. It re--s ther- to h--or the d--ds of the he-- L---."
— The H-ro Who D-feat-ed the Ly--l
Partially Completed Text
"There was a time when the people of the land were threatened by the dread beast Lynel who lived on Ploymus Mountain. But one Hylian drove the beast back and restored peace to the domain. The Zora helm won in this fight is now north of --- in the ruins near Toto Lake. It rests there to honor the deeds of the hero Link."
— The Hero Who Defeated the Lynel

Addendum 1

"Around 100 years after King Dorephan ascended to the throne, a stray Guardian crossed Upland Zorana into our domain. The Guardian seemed unstoppable. Our best soldiers' spears barely left a scratch on its metal hull. It was than that our King Dorephan, without a thought for his own safety, came out to face the Guardian himself. With supernatural strength, he lifted the Guardian and hurled it into a ravine. The impact of the fall left the Guardian in pieces, and it was never to trouble another Zora ever again. The citizens celebrated the king's valor. From then on, their trust and respect for him grew beyond compare. You can still see the scar he earned that day on his forehead-a token of his triumph."
— King Dorephan Stands His Ground

Addendum 2

"There was once a giant Octorok in Hateno Bay, large as a mountain, which terrorized the village's fishers. Hearing of their distress, Prince Sidon went forth to personally eliminate the offending Octorok. But this Octorok was a tricky beast. After the prince dodged one of the stones it spit, it inhaled him whole. Such had been the fate of many strong warriors who went to slay the Octorok. Not one had come back alive. Just as it seemed Prince Sidon would be counted among them, the giant Octorok twisted in pain. The tip of a Silverscale spear pierced the Octorok's stomach from within, revealing itself as the source of the beast's agony. Incredibly, Prince Sidon had fought his way out by stabbing his spear over and over into the monster's stomach. Unable to bear the pain, the Octorok coughed up the prince and scrambled to escape. Ever since, the fishers of Hateno Bay have passed down this heroic tale: The Prince Who Slew the Fell Octorok"
— Prince Sidon's Great Escape

Memoir of a Gifted Stonemason

"What an honour it is to receive a personal request from King Dorephan to craft a historical stone monument! I did not realise how much content he had given me, though... It certainly exceeded the line limits of a singe monument. I suppose I could have just shortened the text, but it felt wrong to tamper with our great king’s words. Thankfully, I was able to split it all between seven monuments to ensure that every word was preserved. I have always prided myself on my ability to think outside the box. I am so very adaptable! And humble as well. While I was at it, I thought...why not add two of my own? And so I created one for King Dorephan and one for Prince Sidon. True, this is outside the scope of my commission... But I believe their triumphs deserve as much! But why stop at that... Why, indeed! My achievement surely deserves remembrance too. That is how a commission of one became 10. Of course, having increased the number of monuments, I had to find places for them all... That proved difficult. Still it was worth it! So long as I remember to sign these monuments, my name will be remembered forever. As it should be. "
— Memoir of a Gifted Stonemason

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