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Zora River: Defender is the first stage of Level 4 in Link's Crossbow Training. This level is a Target Shooting level. Zora River Target Practice is located in the Zora's Domain. Barrels, pots, scarecrows and signs are some of the additional items beside the targets that can be shot in this level. Most of the targets flow down the great waterfall.

Alternate area

Zora River Target Practice Alternate Area

The alternate third area

This level features an alternate third area. To reach this area, Link must shoot the body of the scarecrow eight times before shooting its head, causing the head to swell. By fully swelling the head and then shooting it, another scarecrow will appear in the second area. The process of swelling the head must be repeated for Link to advance to the alternate third area.


Link's Crossbow Training Level 4

Link's Crossbow Training Level 4

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