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Zora Game Site
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The Zora Game Site is a location in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

Situated on the shores of Zora Cape, the Game Site is where two Zoras host a unique Jar-breaking game.[1]

The aim of the game is to break all five stationary pots, which sit upon five short pillars, at once. Some Zora, such as Mikau, are capable of breaking them all using their Zora Boomerangs.[2] Mikau is, in fact, known by the owner for his frequent visits to the game site to play.[3][4] If Link stands in just the right place while in his Zora Link form, he can use this same Boomerang technique to break the pots.

The prize for beating the game is 100 Rupees, but the owner deducts 10 Rupees to replace the broken jars.[5] The owner also deducts 10 Rupees for failed attempts to break all five pots.[6] This Zora is apparently also the owner of the shop in Zora Hall,[7] and explains that the poor fishing conditions in the Great Bay have caused a sudden need for Rupees to buy Fish from Clock Town, hence the 10 Rupee deduction to pay for new jars.[8][9]

Link can also use a Powder Keg to break the pots, much to the surprise of the proprietor.[10]


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