"Zora game site: Those who recklessly break pots will be fined."

The Zora Game Site is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located on the Zora Hall Coast, it serves as the location for the Zora Game run by two Zora. The game platform itself consists of five pillars with pots on top of them, under the shade of some palm trees.

The goal of the game is to break all five pots in one attack. To complete the challenge, Link can throw his Zora form's boomerangs to break all five pots in one motion, if he is situated in the correct spot when he releases them. Alternatively, he can place a Powder Keg in the center of the jars to blow up all of them at once. The Zora mention that Mikau was proficient at breaking all of the jars using the boomerang method.

If Link succeeds in breaking all the jars, he wins 100 Rupees. He must also pay 10 Rupees to replace the broken pots, so even if he breaks all of them, he will be fined, rendering his final prize only 90 Rupees. Interestingly, if Link loses the game and has less than the required 10 Rupees, he will not have to pay the fee for breaking a jar.

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