"Wah ha ha! One pair of flippers coming up. I will give you a free bonus with your purchase. I will let you use the magic water ways of the sea folk which link lakes and rivers. When you see a whirlpool, dive into it. You never know where you'll surface! Wah ha ha!"
— Zora

Zora is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. A gigantic River Zora, he seems to be the leader of all the Zoras, referred to as "Zora's Spawn", raising questions about whether they are actually direct children of Zora himself.


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Zora (character)

Zora as he appears in the Player's Guide.

Like Poseidon in his day, Zora ruled the waterways of Hyrule, controlling storm and calm, current and waterfall. Zora's Spawn answered only to him, and he determined who would use the Whirlpools that carried swimmers from place to place. Zora's special Flippers let swimmers tread in even the deepest waters, but they cost dearly.[1]

IN northeastern Hyrule a network of rivers tumbled over several falls before flowing onto to irrigate other areas. Hylians reported that a beast who ruled the waterways lived at the foot of one waterfall. Some of them actually saw it, but others fled in terror after feeling the earth rumble when they neared. They called the beast Zora and the site became known as Zora Falls. Zora ruled the waterways, deciding who would use them and who would not. Wearing the flippers he sold, a traveler could use a system of connecting whirlpools.[2]

Zora sells Link the Flippers for 500 Rupees at his home in the top right corner of Zora's Lake. After this, he grants Link permission to use the whirlpools found in various bodies of water throughout Hyrule, explaining that the whirlpools can warp Link to other locations.

In the ending credits, Zora can be seen floating in the waters at the base of Zora's Waterfall with two other River Zoras.

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