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Zonaite is found in The Depths and very useful for Zonai Devices. Found in Zonaite ore and can be traded for Zonai Charges and Crystallised Charges at the Forge Construct. Can also be used to replace missing components in auto-build for Zonaite.[1][2]


  1. "Zonaite
    An unusual mineral that has many purposes. Ancients extracted energy from it and refined it for the crafting of weapons and armor.
    " — Inventory (Tears of the Kingdom)
  2. Forge Construct: This is the zonaite I mentioned. It is a unique mineral that can be mined far beneath the land below. There are trace deposits of it on this island as well. But they are limited to this cave. Our society flourished by processing this substance into other materials. Zonaite is processed by smelting it in a furnace. It is thereby converted into materials with useful properties. (...) Zonai technology is typically powered by Zonai charges. These occasionally solidify into a form known as crystallized charges. Converting zonaite into other useful materials in this way is called processing.