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The Zonai are an unseen prehistoric tribe of barbarians whose existence is marked by ruins and an Armor Set in Breath of the Wild.[1]


While little is known about the Zonai, it is known that they were a savage, warlike tribe from the Faron Region. They were strong magic wielders and are thought to have worshiped a water dragon.[2] They constructed several ancient ruins made of stone. Their name comes from their largest ruin site: the Zonai Ruins. Their wild and untamed ways are known by the the fierce power enchanted within their Barbarian Armor Set.[3][4][5] Etched into the stonework associated with this tribe is a spiral symbol, which is considered to be the tribe's crest.[2]


Very little is known about this tribe's history, but what is known can be gleaned from the remains of their civilization left behind all across Hyrule Kingdom. Their established stronghold, the Zonai Ruins, extends through Damel Forest to the Spring of Courage,[6][2] which rests in the heart of Faron.[2]

Breath of the Wild

The Zonai appear to have vanished a long time ago.[2] Many of their relics are tied to the Ancient Shrines,[2] and their powerful Barbarian Set is gifted by the Monks found in Ancient Shrines at the heart of three massive mazes: the North Lomei Labyrinth, the South Lomei Labyrinth, and the Lomei Labyrinth Island. The mazes themselves appear to be related to the tribe, but their exact relationship remains unknown.[7]

Sequel to Breath of the Wild

In the reveal trailer, Link and Princess Zelda are seen exploring a vast cave system which has many Zonai-made stone monuments, such as pillars and animal carvings.[8] In the second trailer, Link is seen using a Weapon attached to a Shield that resembles a Zonai Dragon head sculpture to blow Fire onto an unnamed Enemy.[9]


  • According to Senior Lead Artist, Makoto Yonezu, the name "Zonai" is an anagram of the Japanese word  (mystery, puzzle)[10]
  • The many stone and metal Blocks arranged in odd patterns by the Korok across Hyrule Kingdom bear the Zonai tribe's spiral mark.


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