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The Zonai were a race mentioned in Breath of the Wild.[1]


The Zonai were an ancient, warlike tribe that once lived in what are now the Zonai Ruins of Faron Woods. They were a civilization which worshiped a water dragon,[2] and carved its visage into the area.[3][4] Along with these dragon statues, there are statues of boars and owls; these three together are said to represent the virtues of the Triforce.[5] It is also said that they were powerful magic wielders who mysteriously disappeared thousands of years ago.[6] The Thyphlo Ruins have the same architecture, implying they were Zonai-made as well. Similar ruins can be found scattered all across Hyrule, but never in as high a concentration as within the Faron Region. The exact relationship between the Zonai Ruins in Faron, the Thyphlo Ruins and Thundra Plateau of Central Hyrule, and the three massive labyrinths, North Lomei Labyrinth, South Lomei Labyrinth, and Lomei Labyrinth Island are unclear, but they all bear resemblance to the Zonai Ruins.[7]

In addition to these ruins, there are dozens of tall stone pillars with unknown purpose referred to as Zonai Towers scattered all across Hyrule.[8][9]

The spiral is the signature trademark of the Zonai tribe.[10] And their warriors once wore the Barbarian Set.[11]


The name "Zonai" is derived from the Japanese word  (mystery, puzzle), referencing their mysterious nature.[5]

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