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Skype is an application that allows users to video or voice call, as well as send instant messages. Skype offers the ability to voice call with multiple users as well as group instant messaging.

Zeldapedia now has a Skype group which is open to all Zeldapedia users should they wish to use it.

Downloading Skype

To access this group, Skype is required. There are a few operating system requirements needed to run Skype, further system requirements can be viewed here:

Microsoft Windows

Once Skype is downloaded, you can either add a member of the group to your contacts and ask them to join, or you paste this code (skype:?chat&blob=lDKYKYptgSXJgvjUcuGwkLsu5ldpowSUBSljyb5TKVJ3pjtbP93Vl_B99CZe) into a Skype window and join the group automatically by clicking it.


On the Channel

  • Be civil
  • Minimize swearing
  • No sexual innuendos
  • No spamming
  • No personal attacks
  • No flaming
  • No blank posts
  • Do not overuse the /me command
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