When adding information about a new game, please follow these guidelines to ensure that your information is accurate and correctly formatted.

  • Cite a trustworthy source in the edit summary. Cutting and pasting a link is the best way to do this.
  • Do not create a new page for a character, location, or item that is already in the series. Instead, add the information to a new section of the page. Type === ''[[The Legend of Zelda: (New Game Subtitle Here)]]'' === directly below the other sections to make a section for the new information. (The '' marks are pairs of apostrophes, not quotation marks.)
  • Make sure you title new pages correctly and that a page you are creating isn't already created.
  • Use "Link" instead of "you" or "the player" when describing in-game actions.
  • Avoid using contractions such as "it's" or "can't"; use "it is" or "cannot" instead.
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