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Zelda Wiki requires that people to set up an account to be able to edit pages. There are numerous aspects to Zelda Wiki's user accounts. These are described below.

Account Creation and Maintenance

Account Rights

Main article: User Rights

Depending on the user's actions, he or she may acquire further access to actions and rights on the wiki. The most that the average user can expect to obtain is auto-confirmed rights.

Activating and Deactivating Accounts

Accounts are activated simply by confirming an email sent to the email address that was entered during registration. Once activated, the account is open indefinitely.

Accounts cannot be deleted or removed from the wiki; due to the nature of the database, deleting an account would cause database errors. However, an account may be disabled from use upon request by the account holder. Administrators have the ability upon request to reset and randomize the password of a user's account, making it virtually inaccessible and effectively disabled.


Users must have legitimate, active email addresses tied to their accounts. This is crucial not only in account activation, but in the retrieval of forgotten passwords. In the User Preferences, an option exists that enables users to contact each other off-wiki through semi-anonymous emails. Once the preference is activated, an "Email this user" link appears in the Toolbox section of the left-hand sidebar whenever a userpage is visited. Zelda Wiki is not capable of spamming email addresses.

Renaming Accounts

In order to rename an account, inquire upon an active staff. Please do so sparingly; name-changing can strain the server significantly. Renaming an account turns the existing user pages into redirects as it moves them to the new name; along with names and user page data, contributions and edit count will also be redirected to the new name.

In the event that a desired username is taken, it is possible for an administrator to request that an inactive user forfeits their username to allow another to use it. The conditions for inactivity are to be determined by the administrator involved, and the inactive user in question must respond within two weeks of receiving an email and a talk page message from the administrator. The username may not be changed if the inactive user declines within that time frame. The inactive user's name will be changed to an alternative version of their username. If the inactive user responds and accepts the change but wishes to be renamed to something else, their name will be changed to whatever they request, provided that it is available.

User Gender

Users may assign a gender to their accounts; with this enabled, any reference to the user will be presented with the correct gender pronoun. It is highly encouraged that users set their gender on the user preferences so that the staff and other active users can address users on a personal level when conversing.


Main article: Zelda Wiki:User Conduct

By registering an account at Zelda Wiki you agree to follow Zelda Wiki's Code of Conduct. Repeated failure to conduct oneself adequately may result in one's account being banned temporarily and even permanently if necessary.