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This page is an archive of an old Talk Page. The contents have been moved from another page to clear space and to preserve history, so this page is locked from editing. If you wish to ask about the corresponding page, or respond to an earlier message, you may direct any comments to the current talk page. If you wish to refer to a message on this page, link to Zelda Wiki:The Heart Container/Archive 3.

A little confused about effective weapons?[]

I've done a bit of editing in the enemies section lately, and if the enemy is weak to the Bow & Arrow, half the time it'll say "Arrows" in the effective weapons box, the other half it'll be "Bow". Which one is the correct one? I mean, the enemy is weak to the actual arrow, not the bow, but yet it's the bow that is the weapon. It's not like it's that big a deal, but I feel we should settle on one particular word to make things more uniform. Lately I've been editing the effective weapons and I've changed a few from "Bow" to "Arrows" and I'm starting to feel like I've made a mistake...

What do you guys think? Hylian King 07:20, 26 August 2010 (EDT)

EDIT: I've realized that some description boxes have a "weaknesses" category instead of the "effective weapons" category. I guess if it were the former you would put "Arrows", the latter "Bow". Still, I feel like we should choose between "weaknesses" and "effective weapons" and stick to it for the sake of uniformity... Hylian King 07:34, 26 August 2010 (EDT)

How about saying "Bow & Arrows? - GFlame 05:13 21 September 2010

TWW Nintendo Gallery Project[]

Hey guys, I'm starting a little project of my own concerning the Nintendo Gallery. Call me crazy, but I'd like to add the Nintendo Gallery figurine description and picture to every single character, enemy and boss in the Wind Waker. I'm just asking if anyone has a problem with what I want to do, or if they have any suggestions on how I should proceed...Or if there's someone who's crazy as me who would like to help out. Hylian King 15:16, 26 August 2010 (EDT)

I'm pretty sure that all of the articles that have corresponding figurines have the template on them already. - ZeldaMan 20:27, 26 August 2010 (UTC)
Most of them already have them...I'm not sure if ALL of them do, but I'd say that 90% of all the figurine templates are on their respective pages.  ;) Dany36 20:13, 26 August 2010 (EDT)
If memory serves, Minion was working on something like this... Embyr 75  --Talk-- 20:42, 26 August 2010 (EDT)
I think its a great idea, go right ahead! GFlame

Japanese Standardization[]

You've probably seen the Japanese names of people, objects or places at the bottom of an article, but there hardly seems to be a standard in how we display the information. This lack of uniformity sometimes makes the pages look messy. I think we have two things to worry about, namely:

1. Romaji Standards

Consider the following romaji examples. They originate from "神々のトライフォース", A Link to the Past's Japanese name, with the last two coming from "ありがとう", meaning "Thank you".

  • Kamigami no Toraifo-su (Katakana style of extended vowels)
  • Kamigami no Toraifōsu (Accented letter for extended vowel)
  • Kamigami no TORAIFŌSU (Capitalized katakana)
  • Arigatou (Hiragana style of extended vowels)
  • Arigatō (Accented letter for extended vowel)

You should notice that "no" was never capitalized, and it already seems to be a standard. Just as in English, minor words and particles (eg. a, the, and, or, etc) should be left in the lower case. At the moment, I'd like to push for the accented letter system because it provides the easiest pronunciation for both hiragana and katakana. I also find the capitalization of katakana unnecessary.

2. Display Formats

I've come across two common formats, but I'd like to propose my own:

  • 神々のトライフォース
  • 神々のトライフォース (Kamigami no Toraifōsu)
  • 神々のトライフォース (Triforce of the Gods)

Unfortunately, I can't decide which of these is most appropriate, especially when we have pages with many names (see: Chuchu). If you've got any ideas for a standardized format, please share them. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  17:34, 10 September 2010 (EDT)

There's an alternative template we might use. It really depends on if we want the underline and question mark or not.
      • 神々のトライフォース
      • 神々のトライフォース (Kamigami no Toraifōsu)
      • 神々のトライフォース (Triforce of the Gods)
Same functionality, just a different format and display.Matt (Talk) 23:15, September 10, 2010 (UTC)
Is it possible to program the template so that it will include a third option for the translation? Like, if you'd type {{Exp|Kamigami no Toraifōsu|Triforce of the Gods|神々のトライフォース}}, it would display Kamigami no Toraifōsu and there under Triforce of the Gods?
As for the romanization, I strongly accented leter system because it helps distinguish between an elongated vowel (like in Shīku) and a vowel reboot (like in kawaii). Adding an "u" to display the pronunction might confuse people. I'm not much for capitalizing katakana because it looks sloppy and I wouldn't know what purpose it serves.
I write the first letters of major words in capitals, but I prefer not to do that when there's a prefix. お面 I rather romanize as o-Tsura, to indicate the core word from the status additions that people unfamiliar with Japanese won't get. IfIHaveTo 03:13, 11 September 2010 (EDT)

@Matt: I think we should keep the cursor, just as a hint to newer users. I also think the light blue should be changed to something more noticeable. Maybe like this:

  • 神々のトライフォース (Kamigami no Toraifōsu)

@IfIHaveTo: I don't think so. The third parameter in the "Exp" template is for alternate color choices. Changing that might break some things on the wiki. However, Template:Japanese is a relevant, unused template. We can easily adapt it to the following:

  • {{Japanese | Kanji | Romaji | Translation (Optional) | Format (Optional) }}, where Format is an option between one of the three formats above. Default should be "Kanji (Romaji)".

Status Additions are unfamiliar to me, but I see the merit of your system. I think a list of such additions would be useful. I hope that we eventually put the Standards of Romanization along with this list and character display help on a Help Page. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  06:28, 11 September 2010 (EDT)

I support a change of template for Japanese names then. Seems like the better thing to do.
Something I forgot to say in regards to "status addotons", "(g)o-" is the only one I have proper knowledge of, so I'm not sure how relevant this is for other prefixes like it, but "o-Tsura" is a bit of an exception. Most words starting with the prefixes "o-" are nowadays not done to be without, like oba-san. In those cases, "o-" is practically part of the word and can be the capital. But with tsura, the "o-" is not, so I prefer to keep it separate like that. IfIHaveTo 09:24, 12 September 2010 (EDT)
Template:Japanese has been updated. Feel free to use it now. You also reminded me of something. What about suffixes like -san, -chan, -sama, etc? I assume that they'd still benefit from the "-" + lowercase system. I'll start writing up a help guide for the romanization which I'll submit to an admin for approval. If you would like to help develop it, visit my Sandbox (link at the end of signature). I should have something up be tomorrow. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  06:43, 13 September 2010 (EDT)

I realize at this time the matter is pretty much closed, but I'd just like to say that although all this is great, I don't find the brownish-red color very appealing. Can we keep the bright yellow? Just asking... Hylian King 07:05, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

If that's the only issue, consider it fixed. I kept the color separate from the rest of the template for a reason. :P Tell me if it's bright enough now. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  07:25, 2 October 2010 (EDT)
Wow! That was fast... And thanks! I do like it better. But I wouldn't be surprised if soon there was a wiki-wide debate on the Japanese template color. :P Hylian King 08:11, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

Image Gallery Standardization[]

I've been looking at the various Enemy, Boss and Character galleries of different games, and I've noticed there's a lot of variation between the different galleries. Some, like the character gallery in The Wind Waker, are composed almost entirely of official artwork. Others, like the enemy gallery of Ocarina of Time, almost always use actual in-game images. Some boss galleries use both. And then there's the mix-matched galleries, who use a combination of artwork and screenshots. What I'm trying to say is, the galleries doubly need attention, and here's why:

1)There is no consistency of image types between all the different galleries.
2)There is also a lack of consistency in several individual galleries where a mix of artwork images and screenshots are used.

I'm suggesting that we decide on one type of image and stick to it for each gallery, if not for all of them as a whole.

It's just a thought, but I do believe the galleries are a rather important part of the Wiki, and standardizing the galleries would just make everything look more professional.

What do you guys think? Hylian King 19:23, 12 September 2010 (EDT)

Well, some characters and enemies do not have official art (yet), so that can't be helped. However, I believe that if something has good quality official art from the game or a relevant one (eg. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are almost interchangeable), then that should be used. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I think that the bottom part of this page looks more professional and appealing than the top part. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  06:43, 13 September 2010 (EDT)
How about the official art for the N64, all top down, (e.g.:The Minish Cap) SNES and NES games, and the in-games sprites for the rest. - GFlame22 September 2010
P.S.: totally agree Minion
I disagree more than I agree here. The galleries are great with a mix of official art and screenshots, because then it gives the reader an artistic and literal sense of the game, as opposed to one or the other. I think all galleries should be this way. Pages like the one Minion linked above should be all official art as it is a list, and not an actual boss page. Infoboxes should try to have only official art, but as for the images in the galleries, I think it's healthy to have a mix of both, so the article encompasses all forms of imagery, making a more thorough reading/visual experience. — ciprianotalk 18:19, 22 September 2010 (EDT)
I'm leaning on what Cip is saying here. My view is that nothing should be really definite. I don't even think that infoboxes need to be official art. Sometimes the game models are far better than the official art. And for some games, such as Twilight Princess really don't have much of any official art because for their art releases they just used the actual models in the game in various poses. So really it's counterproductive to require official art in there. It should be what best illustrates the subject, whichever that may be. As far as galleries go, no, just no. Having them be only one or the other will seriously hurt the display of good imagery. To echo Cip, it gives a healthy balance between both aspects.Matt (Talk) 18:45, October 8, 2010 (UTC)
I can see I didn't word things correctly. My main issue with screenshots being used in lists is their backgrounds. Seeing different characters together with different backgrounds isn't very appealing. However, Cip and Matt are right. Pages covering one type of content should have variety, as long as images formatted and displayed correctly. The image that best represents the subject should be used in the infobox, but I generally give priority to (good-quality) transparent images before raw screenshots, if applicable. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  15:35, 8 October 2010 (EDT)
Well, I've caused quite the commotion with this, haven't I? I didn't mean for it to be taken so seriously, it was just an idea I put out there... Let's just forget about this, shall we?
While we're on the subject, though, I'd like to point out that some of the galleries still need work, such as the images with backgrounds, as Minion said, and the images with lock-on targets, but this is an issue that most people are aware of already... — Hylian King [*] 16:42, 8 October 2010 (EDT)
Meh, Its fun to talk about something. GFlame 02:47, 11 December 2010 (EST)

It was a good question, anyway! :) — ciprianotalk 13:01, 11 December 2010 (EST)


File:PHCoverArt.jpg doesn't load here but loads fine here. nevermind that it's 4944 x 7000px :p The image is clean, slick, and epic even while zoomed in to the max, not a single pixel is visible. Perfect for a Featured Image, Wallpaper, studio mural... Axiomist (talk) 01:30, 18 September 2010 (EDT)

Forgot to add the copyright licensing...[]

I've just now uploaded a new image, as seen here, and, tired as I am, made the stupid mistake of forgetting to add the copyright. Can this be fixed?

Sorry for the amateur mistake, I can be prone to them sometimes. >.> Hylian King 08:39, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

Simple mistake, simple solution. See this for the fix. — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  09:50, 2 October 2010 (EDT)

Link's Awakening: Foreign Languages[]


I've recently been doing a lot of work adding the names in other regions to numerous Link's Awakening articles, and I soon plan to do a huge overhaul on the Link's Awakening Translations. Before I go any further I want to ask: Was Link's Awakening released in any other language other than Japanese, German, or French? Because I can't seem to find any text dumps for a Spanish or Italian Link's Awakening...

Any help would be much appreciated. If by chance anyone knows of some magical web page out there that lists every language each Zelda game was ever released in, that would be wonderful... Hylian King 08:03, 3 October 2010 (EDT)

I doubt it. When I was putting the names in other regions for OoT, I was only able to find the Japanese, German, and French translations. I think they only started to add Spanish and Italian after MM was released. Dany36 11:14, 3 October 2010 (EDT)
Huh, interesting... Well, thanks for confirming! Hylian King 16:45, 4 October 2010 (EDT)

Signature Troubles[]

I've just finished making my fist signature, but for some reason when I try to put it in my preferences, all I get as a signature is {{subst:User:Hylian King/sig2}}. I've looked over the Help:Custom Signatures page about a million times but I still can't find what I did wrong... Can someone help me out? It's quite annoying to have to insert the signature manually... — Hylian King [*] 17:55, 6 October 2010 (EDT)
There's the signature, by the way :)

You need to click the box that says Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link) for it to work properly.Matt (Talk) 22:30, October 6, 2010 (UTC)
How do you make signatures? GFlame 02:40, 11 December 2010 (EST)
GFlame, take a look in here, for a little guide on how to make a custom sig. Have fun! — ciprianotalk 13:01, 11 December 2010 (EST)
Thanks GFlame 02:52, 17 December 2010 (EST)

3DS Page[]

Ive started a page on the 3DS, but I need a little help in making it a proper page. Can anyone help me with this? GFlame 01:52, 15 October 2010 (EDT)

I've added some more information to it. It's definately on its way. Pokemainiac 04:50, 27 October 2010 (EDT)

The page looks fine for the amount of information we have on the subject. Once the console is released, this article will most likely experience a boost in content. — ciprianotalk 13:01, 11 December 2010 (EST)

Okay, I think I will need to be trusted on that one. I own a few NP issues relating to that system, and I think I could help with that. {{User:DoomandDeath--DoomandDeath (Talk)Brush Script MT 16:28, 22 December 2010 (EST)}} 4:27, 22 December 2010

A little late clean-up. And Nintendo Head[]

Hoping I did this right.

I've started editing and recently found out about they you/the player to Link rule. I'm not cautious enough, so would someone check my edits for me.

Also, I've undertaken an attempt to write about the current head of Nintendo. If anyone has some references I can use, that'd be great. Altidefan1 22:34, 25 October 2010 (EDT)

That's great - yes, the "you" and "the player" rule is a heavy standard on the wiki so that the articles come off sounding as if they are written from an omniscient viewpoint, instead of a personal one so any reader can relate to the information provided. Standard essay rules apply here (i.e. no usage of "I" anywhere), as well. As far as I can see, the Satoru Iwata page has been changed a bit, with refs added, etcetra since this comment was posted! Thanks for directing us to this article. :) — ciprianotalk 13:01, 11 December 2010 (EST)

Heart container/ Hyrule castle Mix[]

It says at the top of the page that "wiki usability questions" belong in Hyrule Castle. But when I tried to go into the discussion bit, it led me back to the Heart Container.

What is going on here??????????? GFlame 02:46, 11 December 2010 (EST)

What do you mean by "go into the discussion bit"? Because if you're talking about clicking on the "discussion" tab at the top of the page, that takes you to the talk page of the Hyrule Castle, which isn't really used for much. Now if you're talking abou doing the same to Castle Town, then yes, you will be redirected to the Heart Container, because it IS the talk page of Castle Town, the general community portal. It's a bit confusing, but I hope that helps to clear things up... ? — ciprianotalk 11:58, 11 December 2010 (EST)
Thanks, that... kinda helps GFlame 02:40, 17 December 2010 (EST)

page help[]

Err, my page needs a lot of cleaning up and since I cant devote lots of my time helping Zeldawiki, can someone please clean it up?

(put what you did im my talk page under a new heading "page clean up") Thanks! GFlame 02:45, 17 December 2010 (EST)

Cat: Enemies gallery proposition[]

I think that the category: enemies should have a gallery page to make It easier for people to choose the enemy that they want and view the page, to make it more assessable

what do you think? GFlame (Talk) 00:52, 18 December 2010 (EST)

Need Help Finding Some Japanese Names[]

This is a message to all users who understand Japanese (Kanji/Kana/Romaji).

The Oracle of Ages Translations page I've been working on lately is in it's final stages of completion (in terms of content, anyways). At this point, I'm only missing two Japanese names; that is the Japanese name for Wild Tokay, as well as the one for Wild Tokay Museum. Although I was able to get by on translators and an amazingly helpful FAQ (seen here) for pretty much the entire project, I think these final two names will actually require some understanding of the language, which, sadly, I do not have.

So far, the best I've come up with is ながしトカゲ (Nagashi Tokage) and ながしトカゲしリようかん (Nagashi Tokage Shiri Yōkan), but I have a feeling that doesn't make much sense. I believe I have the correct Kana, but I can't make it into something in Romaji that makes any sense. It's almost like Nintendo's making up their own words. In case the Kana is wrong, you can find all the screens necessary to find the name yourself here (I didn't want to upload it to the wiki since it won't serve any other purpose).

It's not an urgent matter, but it's the only thing missing from the page and I'd really like to get 'er done. It shouldn't take too much effort for one who understands the language.

Thanks! — Hylian King [*] 09:52, 26 December 2010 (EST)

P.S.: Happy Holidays! — Hylian King [*] 09:58, 26 December 2010 (EST)

Name Change: Keep "Zelda Wiki.org" or Become Simply "Zelda Wiki"[]

Attention users! The winds of change are a-blowing! Over the past three months, the staff of this here wiki decided to start discussion about changing our name; the very name that's become our namesake has not only aged, but is no longer representative of our reputation as the most premier, award-winning wiki on The Legend of Zelda series on the Internet, as some believe. The two arguments are strong: those in favor of "Zelda Wiki.org" claim that the name is our tradition, our style, and cannot be changed because it is institutionalized and far too ingrained in the community. On the flipside, those in favor of "Zelda Wiki" say it is a much more focused, powerful name, and one that not only establishes this wiki as THE Zelda Wiki on the Internet, but one that will garner us more page views and clicks over time, according to Google Analytics. So what shall it be? The staff voted, and now it is your turn to weigh in. "Zelda Wiki.org" or "Zelda Wiki"? Provide us your vote in the comments below! — ciprianotalk 01:13, 8 January 2011 (EST)

Note: please add your comment in the appropriate section, to show whether you support or oppose the proposal of renaming from "Zelda Wiki.org" to "Zelda Wiki".

Just to clarify, this vote is closed at 8 - 3. Thank you everybody for your input. --Xizor 07:12, 15 January 2011 (EST)
Support Vote Support
  1. When I first joined, I wondered why it wasn't just "Zelda Wiki". The ".org" part seems to just be there to just stretch the name out. And for those that say changing it makes us sound less professional, look at ZeldaInformer. Just the sound of that sounds powerful. It gives you the impression that they are THE source for Zelda news. If they added ".com" to the end of it, I would probably feel it was less professional. Similarly, making it just "Zelda Wiki" would give us that definite, strong feel. We are THE Zelda Wiki. It's a small change that has the potential to make a large psychological impact. Besides, our identity would not change that much. Many fans refer to us as simply "Zelda Wiki". However, if we became, say, "Wikizeldia" or "Link Wiki", then I'd consider that argument. Regarding Facebook: We can always ask fans to join a new Facebook page, or continue using the page and make an excuse for why the title is still "ZW.org". — Abdul [T] [C] [S]  03:50, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  2. My two cents! The Org only purpose it to direct everyone to the exact web address, and it is irrelevant to what this site is about. It is not like Coca Cola will label their drinks now to Coca-Cola.com because they do add this to all their adds in small font any ways. They just stick to the brand name because that is what it is important.
    Any ways, the word Wiki is mostly associated with the internet, and once again, the .org becomes irrelevant. So far this site is the most recognized by all Zelda fans. I checked on the .com .net and .tv and there is nothing to worry about. The only guy you are competing is Zeldapedia, and the site is far from being as good as this one. In conclusion, there is no loss from removing the .org
    Here is my re-edited suggested logo for the site. By the way, when is this logo contest over, or who is running it?
    Happy New Year!! Eximius 07:48, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  3. I'd have to say I agree. Anything I can say on the matter has already been said and is therefore obsolete, but I'll go ahead anyways: I think we should disregard the idea that removing the ".org" would bring on a monumental change that would "destroy our identity". Besides, how many of us ever refer to the wiki as "Zelda Wiki.org" or "ZW.org" in a conversation? It's not like our existing fans would hate us for the change. Come on, most of them probably wouldn't even notice. To me, the changing of the name to "Zelda Wiki" is the removal of a few unnecessary and annoying characters on our main page and community pages that would seemingly garner more hits and more fans without affecting our existing ones. So in that sense, I'm all for the change.
    In my mind, the issue isn't whether or not "Zelda Wiki" would be better than "Zelda Wiki.org", it's more whether the change would be worth the effort and the burden that comes with the change. — Hylian King [*] 12:09, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  4. I don't see how adding ".org" to the end of a website makes it sound more professional. If that's the case we should all start referring to every Zelda site that way: ZeldaInformer.com, ZeldaUniverse.net, ZeldaDungeon.net, TheSacredRealm.net, NorthCastle.co.uk, you get the idea. We don't refer the websites that way and there is no reason Zelda Wiki should be any different. I'm in favor of dropping the extension. --Yumil 12:36, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  5. I am all for dropping the ".org" as well. "Zelda Wiki.org" doesn't even sound like a name. It sounds like an address. We don't say "Wikipedia.org" -- we call it Wikipedia. Most of my sentiments on the matter would just be an echo of the above comments. I've never called this site "Zelda Wiki.org" -- it's always been Zelda Wiki or ZW to me. I think a lot of people feel the same way. I actually don't think it's a big deal no matter what the consensus, but if it's true that we'll get more hits according to Google Analytics, I say we go for it. Embyr 75  --Talk-- 14:45, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  6. I am in full support of dropping the ".org". Personally, I think that the .org has no meaning what so ever to zeldawiki. We are a WIKI!, not an organisation. also, dropping the .org will attract more users because they might think that we are an organisation set in a certain country. Zeldawiki is , in my mind, the definitive source, Nay, the definitive Global source for all zelda information. Plus, I just call this place Zeldawiki, not zeldawiki.org. Let us drop the .org!!! GFlame (Talk) 21:17, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  7. I've always thought the .org should be dropped because it is redundant, and makes us the odd wiki out in many cases (ie. NIWA). Others argue that standing out is good and that the .org reflects our community spirit, and how we were set up by The Masterminds. I made a suggestion of dropping the .org a while back now, and the reason it was refused was because of a simple 'Jason says so'. I was told that the name always will remain .org because that meant something very purposeful to the original people who set up the wiki. As I said, I support dropping the .org, but given the past, wouldn't think it would be an option without drastic mindframe changes on behalf of the founders. - M E L C H I Z E D E K  (TALK) 22:14, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  8. Things may have changed since those days, not to mention that Jason is the last remaining original founder of the wiki (AFAIK, so please don't bite me for ignorance), so if the current staff favors either of the two possible decisions, he can only provide one vote on the current name. As for my opinion, I think dropping the .org wouldn't hurt too much, since most people refers to the site as ZW, ZeldaWiki or, among nostalgic Internet surfers (if any remains, that is =\), Zelda Universe Wiki anyways. That's all I'm going to say about the topic, now I'll run before this discussion turns into a vicious and genuine Flame Bait. --K2L (Interrogatory) 22:30, 8 January 2011 (EST)

Symbol oppose vote Opposition
  1. I'll just add that I do not think the move is the right thing to do, it will destroy our identity that we've been known for for years. It makes it sound more formal, more professional and legitimate. "Zelda Wiki" seems lazier, more slack, without substance or formality and professionalism at all. Also, a rather huge problem, it is impossible to change the name of our site's Facebook page, no matter what anyone decides to name it, the page will always be "Zelda Wiki.org". The only other way around that would be to just make a new page, but that would lose us the nearly three thousand fans which took us over two years to gather. It's not worth it.Matt (Talk) 07:07, January 8, 2011 (UTC)
  2. What Matt said.Justin(Talk) 04:01, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  3. I didn't know people even called it Zelda Wiki".org". Personally, I am fine with ".org" and I feel that there is no reason to remove it. NIWA is an independant alliance, that means that our own creative choices are unique to our own wikis. So even if we are the only wiki with a ".org" in our name, I believe that it is our own crative choice and that we should not be decieved by what is the "apparent" norm. SMASHBROTHER101 20:21, 9 January 2011 (EST)

Symbol neutral vote Neutral Comments
  1. To address the issue of the FB and YT pages. There is no reason at all we would have to change those to start going by ZW in out logos and here on the site. Having the .org will serve as a way people can know our url while on our social network pages. Getting rid of the .org enables us to be more easily recognized and will enhance the user experience. The majority of users type in zelda wiki when searching for us. Not zeldawiki.org so having people call us by the .org is not helpful to us in anyway.LegendZelda 07:48, 8 January 2011 (EST)
  2. It will not destroy our identity. Something as trivial as ".org" does not define us. We are Zelda Wiki. I feel like the .org was to legitimize us, especially against Zeldapedia, but we've gained the full support of the fan community, and we're a founding member of NIWA. We're actually the only wiki there that uses our web extension in our name. The only sites in the community that use their web extensions are Legendofzelda.com and Hyrule.net for obvious reasons. --Xizor 21:40, 12 January 2011 (EST)

Four Swords Misadventures page help[]

Ive created a new page on the YouTube Series: The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Misadventures

Any help would be appreciated. GFlame (Talk) 00:48, 9 January 2011 (EST)

Moving Trading Sequence pages[]

I'd just like to point out that all the Trading Sequence articles with the name of a game in the title don't use the full correct title (for example, we have Link's Awakening Trading Sequence instead of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Trading Sequence), and therefore need to be moved to the appropriate pages. I'd do it myself, but since there's so many links to the articles, it'd be a lot easier for an administrator what with string text replaces and all. Here is the complete list of articles needing to be moved:

Thanks! — Hylian King [*] 13:16, 24 January 2011 (EST)

I'm not so sure they should be moved. The subtitles are sufficient for what we need. They're that way for practicality. Moving them will just make it harder to use them, make it harder to link to them. The game subtitles are more than enough to fully identify them. There's no need to be that overtly formal everywhere in the titles. Matt (Talk) 18:52, January 24, 2011 (UTC)
Oh. Well, I have no personal problem with the way they are now. After seeing all the Translations pages named with the full title, I had assumed that it was some kind of policy. What you say makes sense though. Still, from what I've seen, every page except the Trading Sequences that has a game title in its name uses the full, formal title... — Hylian King [*] 15:09, 24 January 2011 (EST)

Cucco Page Hacked[]

As I was browsing, I clicked on the Golden Cucco Link on Rusl's page. It was really weird. Dirtbag McCool 21:25, 15 March 2011 (EDT)Dirtbag McCool

Thank you for informing us, it seems the page just needed to be purged, so it should be fine now.Steve 21:47, 15 March 2011 (EDT)

The Misery Mire Page on this Wiki is Hacked![]

Its really weird I tried to click on it and this weird page pops up, who ever runs this site please check it out. March 21 2011 4:50pm --Landulf

I just tried it out and didn't get any weird page. It's possible someone just had to purge it? Triforce (T C) 19:52, 21 March 2011 (EDT)
This is from some vandalism we had a few days ago. Pages that have it still in them just need their cache purged. That can be done by clicking the purge tab at the top of the page. We purged this page now. The problem should be gone now for that page. If you still see it, purge your browser cache as well, most browsers do this with crtl+F5.Matt (Talk) 00:21, March 22, 2011 (UTC)

Zelda Chaos and NIWA[]

Hey! I'm part of the staff over at Zelda Chaos, and we were wanting to try applying for a membership in NIWA (or at least an affiliation if that doesn't work out). According to their guidelines though, we would need to get your expressed permission for this, as Zelda Chaos covers information like beta content and glitches that your wiki also covers to some extent. I hope this is the right place to ask this, but would you be willing to grant us that permission? Thanks, Zafum 12:06, 24 March 2011 (EDT)

Thank you for your interest in joining NIWA! I will make sure to bring this up with the other admins of the wiki, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. :) Dany36 13:10, 24 March 2011 (EDT)

So, how have things been going with this? Any updates? - Zafum 08:06, 26 March 2011 (EDT)


So I noticed alot of the articles under the I think are written like stories. If no one else thinks this I'll shut up. But If others agree with me something needs to be done about the articles or what qualifies an article as "written like a story". —Preceding unsigned comment added by Zelda4life (talk) 03:08, 8 April 2011 (UTC)

Naturally, events are especially prone to story-like writing. A major reason why this is the case is because many of the Event articles were written by one particular user who had a tendency to write in a story-like fashion. It caused some, shall we say, disputes here at the Wiki. Needless to say, the user isn't at the Wiki anymore...
Rest assured, articles written like stories are of notable concern for a place that is meant to be encyclopedic; many members of the Wiki are aware of the problem and are currently working towards fixing it. Feel free to lend a hand if you think you can. I know Matt especially has been trying to bring this subject to our attention lately. He created the Story Template which can be used to mark articles written like stories. Please feel free to mark any story-like articles if they haven't been already. — Hylian King [*] 08:07, 9 April 2011 (EDT)

Put at the top of the page (along with the "This Wiki Contains Spoilers" that link templates exist[]

People don't use them enough. Also, add all of them to that category such as Ocarina of Time . Spoon Link 20:16, 10 April 2011 (EDT)

Users actually use them all the time; their function is actually hidden in its proper use. The template itself inputs the wiki coding instead of the actual template name. For example, if I was to use the template, I would type {{subst:OOT}}, so that the template knows to input the coding into the article. The input looks like {{OoT}}, because by using the "subst" function earlier, it replaces the template text with the wiki coding. Thus, it is not obvious if they are actually being used or not, but it is sure numbing typing out the entire wiki markup for one game when you could just "subst" in the template. — ciprianotalk 21:12, 10 April 2011 (EDT)
Of course, what would make it even easier and more obvious to new users as well as oldbies who don't know about it would be putting them in the special characters field at the bottom of the editing screen. I know this is customizable because Bulbapedia put "Poké" there. And Category:Link Templates still isn't complete. Spoon Link 09:52, 11 April 2011 (EDT)
Spoon Link, you've done just fine so far with the Link Templates page, and since you started it, you may as well finish it - in the nature of a wiki, many users have many projects going on at once, including myself. If you see a problem that needs fixing, by all means, attempt to fix and finish it yourself unless you feel as if you cannot for some reason. The interesting part about your notion concerning the link templates in the editing screen is that the project was in progress (see here) before you mentioned it! We hope to integrate it soon. — ciprianotalk 21:09, 11 April 2011 (EDT)