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Zelda Informer is a website devoted to the Legend of Zelda series and other related video games. Starting November 2011 and ending July 2013, Zelda Informer and Zeldapedia were affiliates.


Zelda Informer was launched on July 16, 2007 when the community broke away from Zelda Universe after a disagreement on the site's operation occurred. Since that point, Zelda Informer grew into one of the largest websites dedicated to news on the Legend of Zelda as well as Nintendo.

Articles, Podcasts, and Zelda-focused articles, are all featured on Zelda Informer. The site also includes a set of forums in which users can interact with each other. In addition to those mentioned, Zelda Informer also has a set of walkthroughs for the games.

On November 11, 2011, Zelda Informer affiliated with Zeldapedia after the affiliation with Zelda Wiki ended.

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