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For titles and consoles with similar names, see Game & Watch Zelda (Disambiguation).

Zelda is a multiscreen Game & Watch game that was only released in English as a stand-alone system pre-loaded with the single game. It has dual screens which fold in a clamshell design, similar to the Nintendo DS. It was re-released as part of the Nintendo Mini Classics line in 1998 and 2007. The complete game can also be unlocked in Game & Watch Gallery 4 for the Game Boy Advance and Wii U Virtual Console.

Its core formula is based on that of the original The Legend of Zelda, where Link must fight through eight dungeons and obtain the eight shards of the Triforce of Wisdom. However, it bears more gameplay similarities to The Adventure of Link, since it is 2D and from a side-on perspective. The game features an original, though minimal storyline.


As the eight dragons cannot live in peace with humans, they decide to take over the world.[1] Eventually, they kidnap Princess Zelda and lock her in a dungeon which can only be opened with the Triforce.[2][3] Each of the dragons is located in their own labyrinth, and each guards a different fragment of the Triforce.[4] Link sets out to destroy all eight dragons and reassemble the Triforce to free Zelda from the dragons' dungeon. Once Link defeats the last dragon, he reassembles the Triforce and frees Zelda from her prison.[5]


By pressing the Control Pad to the sides, Link can move from right to left. By pressing up, Link can go upstairs, and while pressing down, he can use the Water of Life.[6] Link can also use any equipped weapon by pressing the Attack button. Link can perform a Sword Beam attack when his life meter is full at five Hearts.

The multi-screen system has two screens in a clamshell design. The bottom screen is used for normal battles, while the top screen displays the inventory, map, and the upper part of bosses. The top screen works as an inventory screen and boss arena, featuring Zelda's prison in the upper left. The part below features the Triforce, dungeon map, and items list. The right half of the screen features the area where the boss battles with the dragons take place. The lower screen, which is the main screen, consist of Link and enemies along with their health meter. It also holds the old lady who sounds the system's alarm.

Like the vast majority of the Game & Watch titles, an alarm can be set for use with the watch mode of the system. When the alarm goes off, an old lady with a magic flute appear on screen.[7]

Second Quest[]

Like the original The Legend of Zelda, the Game & Watch Zelda has a Second Quest. After the ending scene in which Zelda is rescued, if the attack button is pressed, the Second Quest will start. The Second Quest has quicker enemies and the score from the previous game is carried over.[8]

Speedrun Records[]

Main article: Speedrun Records
Category Runner Time Date
Any% (Game & Watch) Foz27 16m 39s May 19, 2021
Any% (Game Boy Advance) Habble 14m December 3, 2021
Any% (PicaPic) Lazar181 14m 46s January 21, 2017
Second Quest (Game & Watch)
Second Quest (Game Boy Advance) Habble 20m 1s December 6, 2021
Second Quest (PicaPic)
Both Quests (Game & Watch)
Both Quests (Game Boy Advance) Habble 39m 20s December 6, 2021
Both Quests (PicaPic)
Low% (Game & Watch)
Low% (Game Boy Advance) Habble 19m 19s December 6, 2021
Low% (PicaPic)


  • Link: The hero of the game. He risks his life and fights to rescue Princess Zelda.
  • Princess Zelda: Link's sweetheart who was kidnapped by the dragons and locked inside a deep dungeon.


Items are obtained by defeating Goblins.

  • Heart: Recovers one Heart.
  • Water of Life: Automatically used when Link has zero Hearts, reviving him with full health. It can also be used by pressing down in the Control Pad.[6]
  • Map: Shows the layout of the dungeon.
  • Tomahawk: This weapon can only used in boss battles. It is automatically equipped when Link enters one, and works in the same way as the Sword. Its only difference is that it does triple the usual damage. It will break on the final attack, requiring Link to obtain a new Tomahawk in each labyrinth.[9]



Ports and Remakes[]

The game was re-released as part of the Nintendo Mini Classics series, which were keychain-sized remakes of the Game & Watch titles. It was first released in America by Toymax International, Inc. and in Europe by Stadlbauer in 1998. It was then released by It's Outrageous in 2007, now featuring A Link to the Past and Four Swords Adventures artwork.

The complete game can also be unlocked in Game & Watch Gallery 4 (known as Game & Watch Gallery Advance in Europe and Australia) for the Game Boy Advance and Wii U Virtual Console. The game requires all 160 stars in order to be unlocked.



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