"This is Link... He is under my orders to save Hyrule."
— Zelda's Letter

Zelda's Letter is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The letter is given to Link by Princess Zelda after he speaks to her in Hyrule Castle.

Because anyone wishing to scale Death Mountain needs permission from the Royal Family of Hyrule, Princess Zelda handwrites this letter, granting Link permission to do so. Because of this, when Link shows the letter to the Hyrulean Soldier guarding the Death Mountain Trail in Kakariko Village, he opens the gates and allows Link access to the Mountain.

Interestingly, the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town opens immediately after Link shows the Letter to the soldier guarding Death Mountain. If Link retrieves the Keaton Mask from the Happy Mask Shop, he can bring it to the soldier, who will purchase it for fifteen Rupees.

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