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Not to be confused with Link's Awakening.
Zelda's Awakening
BotW Zelda's Awakening.png
Number Recovered Memory #17
Main Quest "Captured Memories"
Location Ash Swamp
Previous MemoryNext Memory
"Despair""The Master Sword"

"Zelda's Awakening" is the seventeenth Recovered Memory in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Once Link has unlocked all twelve Recovered Memories from the pictures on the Sheikah Slate, he can return to Impa to learn the location of the final memory.[2] Hopping down for her pillow, she reveals that Princess Zelda instructed her to wait to show Link the picture.[3] She stands in front of the Final Picture, which is hanging on her wall, asks Link if it looks familiar, and states he should be able to get there in a half a day.[4] She sends Link off, telling him to seek out the location.[5]

The memory is unlocked in Ash Swamp, leading towards Fort Hateno. Several Guardian Stalkers, corrupted by Malice, are seen scouring the area. Link is visibly weakened, but he continues to protect Zelda despite her protests.[6] He stumbles to his feet again, just as a Guardian Stalker finds and locks onto them.

With a shout, Zelda pushes Link out of its crosshairs and holds her hand up. A glowing light forms, and the symbol of the Triforce appears on the back of her hand. The light expands, deactivating all nearby Guardians. Looking at her hand, Zelda is in shock and wonders if that was her sealing power.[7]

Behind Zelda, Link finally collapses. Zelda rushes to his side, shaking him and begging him to get up.[8] He coughs as she holds him up, and she tells him he'll be fine.[9] However, Link goes limp in her arms, and Zelda begins to cry. Suddenly, a noise can be heard from the Master Sword. Zelda hears a voice within the sword that tells her of a way to save Link.[10]

Two Sheikah guards arrive, kneeling by the princess's side. Zelda commands them to take Link to the Shrine of Resurrection, stating if they aren't quick he will be lost forever.[11] She tells them to go, reminding them that Link's life is in their hands.[12]


  • During the game, Garill can be found at Fort Hateno, where he recounts the events of this memory. However, he mistakenly attributes the Guardians' defeat to Link,[13] when in reality Zelda was the one who defeated them.
  • When the Master Sword speaks, Fi's theme can be heard playing as part of the background music.


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