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Zeffa is a character in The Minish Cap.[2]


Zeffa is a blue Bird that swoops down and Warps Link to any one of the activated Wind Crests scattered across Hyrule.[3] Link can summon Zeffa by using the Ocarina of Wind, which is obtained after defeating Mazaal in the Fortress of Winds.



Zeffa may come from ゼッファー (Zeffā), a transliteration of the English word "Zephyr," meaning a gentle breeze or west wind.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese リトロック (Ritorokku) Ritoroc
Italian Republic Italian Rocchino It may be a diminutive of Roc


  1. "All we have to do is use the Ocarina of Wind to call Zeffa! If we stand on a Wind Crest and call him, he'll take us where we want to go!" — Ezlo (The Minish Cap)
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  3. "If you play the Ocarina of Wind, Zeffa comes to pick you up and fly you away. That means we can have Zeffa carry us to any other Wind Crest we've seen." — Ezlo (The Minish Cap)