This article is about the enemy. For the mask/helmet worn by Zant, see Zant's Helmet.

Zant Masks are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are giant, flying replicas of Zant's mask found in the Palace of Twilight. Link can defeat them by simply attacking them with his sword, and he can stun them by deflecting their energy blasts back at them with the Shield Attack. After launching an energy ball, they will teleport to another location in the room. The main difficulty with this enemy is that they often hover in Shadow Crystal Fog, although the top of their "body" can be seen through the fog.

With the Master Sword upgraded by both Sols, Zant Masks can be defeated with a single strike, which implies that they are weak against light-based attacks like other enemies from the Twilight Realm.

Zant Masks usually attack in groups of two or more and generally guard keys.

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

As part of his Scimitars moveset, Zant can summon a Zant Mask from Twilight Portals to attack enemies during certain combos.

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