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Yunobo of Goron City
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Quest Giver Yunobo
Location [[Goron City|Goron City]]

"Yunobo of Goron City" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Link headed to Goron City in Death Mountain to investigate one of the strange phenomenon around Hyrule Kingdom. When he arrived, he noticed a strange event: Every Goron seemed to have an unncannily obsession for rock hard-like food called Marbled Rock Roast. At the center, he found Bludo the Goron Elder, two Goron children, and a Goron on the ground with the questionable rock roast in their hand.

Yunobo — president of YunoboCo — arrived on the scene. He recognized Link, but spoke to him in a hostile manner. Link asked about the whereabouts of Princess Zelda, but Yunobo shrugged him off. Bludo tried warning him not to mine more rock roast, but Yunobo ignored him. He ushered back the Goron kids, without any regard of the current situation, and headed out to meet "her."

Suspicious, Link followed Yunobo back to his headquarters up north. He ran into the same two Goron kids, who grumbled from the recent events that befell Goron City due to the rock roast and, particurally, some mask that he was wearing, apparently that changed him whole. Link offered to convince Yunobo to stop mining rock roast since he knew him, and the kids happily agreed to let him pass.

Link entered the cave and saw Zelda and Yunobo, excavating more rock roast. Link stepped in to have him stop with the rock roasts. But Zelda, in the vicinity, seemed to have activated something on the mask he's wearing. Yunobo went mad and attacked Link. With careful force, Link destroyed the mask he was wearing.

Yunobo was back to normal and the Goron kids were thrilled to see him okay. Remembered how he received the mask from Zelda when he headed to Death Mountain, Yunobo needed to ask Zelda why, but she already left the area. Yunobo asked for Link's help to head into Death Mountain to go after Zelda.

Link and Yunobo headed for the summit of Death Mountain. Yunobo tried to remember more of his interaction with him and Zelda. Just then, the two saw Zelda enter the crater of Death Mountain. But then it erupted. Along came out were a trio of three large rock monsters. Using Yunobo's rolling attack, Link and Yunobo defeated the rock monsters and reopened the crater into Death Mountain.

Worried for Zelda, Yunobo jumped in ahead of Link, and Link followed in tandem. He arrived in a fiery crevice of The Depths, along with the same red rocks. Yunobo became baffled with Zelda's motive with the rock roasts in Goron City. Just then, Link and Yunobo heard a male voice, that came from a structure in the distance within the fiery depths.

Link and Yunobo headed into the direction of the voice and found a temple surrounded by fire. Upon heading inside, they saw Zelda on a rubble of rocks through a gateway, but they rose up and caved her in on a ceiling. The gate was locked, so the two looked around the temple to find unlocking mechanisms and opened the gate to the area.

Yunobo smashed to rocks to rescue Zelda. However, a large four-leggeded rock-covered monster appeared from the rubble to oppose the Link and Yunobo. The two battled and smashed the rock monster down.

A glowing stone descended from the ceiling and Yunobo looked upon it. Upon touching, Link and Yunobo are transported to an otherworldly realm. Before them, the source of the voice: A masked Goron, the Sage of Fire, and Yunobo's distant ancestor. He commended Yunobo's bravery to defeat the monster and reached him.

Explained in detail, the Sage of Fire, along with his leader King Rauru, and five other sages, fought against a supreme being of darkness called the Demon King, in what was known as the Imprisoning War. The Sage of Fire and the others couldn't defeat the Demon King. So Rauru gave his life to seal the Demon King as a last resort.

After the battle, the Sage of Fire was consulted by Zelda. She delivered a message that the Demon King's seal will be broken, and requested that Link must receive help from the Gorons to oppose him. The Sage of Fire acknowledged her request, and vowed to pass his power to a successor.

With everything explained, the Sage of Fire requested Yunobo to become the Sage of Fire and fight alongside Link, then disappeared. With the stone still floating, Yunobo expressed his concern to handle a serious responsibility to save the world. But he compassionately accepted to become the Sage of Fire and took the stone. With his new power, Yunobo gave Link the blessing of Fire.[1]

The defeat of the rock monster caused all of the rock roasts in the Gorons' hands disappear. All their senses came back and the Gorons were freed from their rock roast obssession. After returning to Goron City, Yunobo expressed his condolenses for putting Goron City in peril. Thought back on the Zelda he and Link saw, Yunobo ascertained that the "Zelda" was an imposter. He decided to have his YunoboCo workers to look around for any clues for Zelda. He also assured Link that he can call on him anytime with his power whenever he needed him.


Stage Description
1 Many of the Gorons in Goron City are ravenously eating marbled rock roast. Yunobo and a blond woman seem to be involved with this new rock.

Yunobo and the others are now headed for YunoboCo HQ to look into some marbled rock roast business.
2 Yunobo came back to his sense. Working together, everyone safely escaped the cave.

If you go to Death Mountain, where Princess Zelda and Yunobo last me, you may be able to find a lead.
3 Just as you caught sight of Zelda at Death Mountain's crater, a massive red rock monster appeared from the crater, blocking your entry.

In order to follow after Zelda, you must defeat the monster.
4 You defeated the monster that emerged from Death Mountain's crater, but Princess Zelda was nowhere to be seen. Worried that she may have fallen into the caldera, Yunobo dove into the crater.
5 An area flowing with lava is at the bottom of the crater. While taking it all in, you heard a mysterious voice call to you, saying, "Come."

A large structure stands in the distance. The voice sounded lin it was coming from that direction.
6 Guided by a mysterious voice, you arrived at a massive structure.

You spotted Princess Zelda again before losing sight of her near the entrance.
7 Princess Zelda was sucked into the ceiling along with the red rocks, and the area is blocked by iron bars.

If you go to the five places indicated by the mysterious voice, you may be able to clear the way.
8 With Yunobo's assistance, you successfully unlocked the five locks.

The room where you saw Princess Zelda is now accessible.
9 Upon destroying the red rock in the ceiling in an attempt to rescue Zelda, a large four-legged monster appeared.

It seems the monster's body is covered in the same red rocks.
10 You defeated the four-legged monster, but Princess Zelda was nowhere to be seen. Shortly afterward, however, a sparkling stone fell from the ceiling.

Yunobo is looking at it with wonder.
Complete Upon returning to Goron City, you found that the marbled rock roast had vanished, and the Gorons had resumed their usual activities.

Yunobo awakened as the Sage of Fire and is excited to help you. He has pledged to continue looking for clues about Princess Zelda.



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  1. "You can count on the Sage of Fire. I'll fight by your side till the very end!" — Yunobo (Tears of the Kingdom)