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Yunobo is a character in Breath of the Wild.[5]


Breath of the Wild

Yunobo is a young Goron who lives in Goron City in the Eldin Region. He is a descendant of the Goron Champion, Daruk. Being a descendant, he is able to use Daruk's Protection to defend himself from attacks.[6] Yunobo helps as Bludo's assistant; when the Divine Beast Vah Rudania arrives, the pair cooperate in using the Cannons stationed around Death Mountain to drive away Vah Rudania. Using Daruk's Protection, Yunobo acts as the cannonball while Bludo operates the Cannons.[7][8] However, despite their repeated efforts, Vah Rudania always returns.[9]

When Link arrives to Goron City and meets with Bludo, he learns that Yunobo had left for the Abandoned North Mine to find painkillers for Bludo's hurting back, so they may again use the Cannons to drive away Vah Rudania. However, Yunobo has failed to return.[10] When Link arrives there, he finds that Yunobo is trapped in the Mine's Vault by a rock slide.[11] Link frees Yunobo by using one of the nearby Cannons to blast away the rocks. Yunobo at first thinks that Link is a monster and panics, but soon calms down and thanks the hero for rescuing him. He is surprised to learn that Link was able to operate Bludo's Cannons.[12]

After Yunobo delivers Bludo his painkillers, he runs on ahead to the Bridge of Eldin to meet up with Bludo there. However, Bludo's back is still too sore and he is forced to cancel their plans. Link meets up with Yunobo to tell him the news, but finds that he is being attacked by a pair of Black Moblins. Link saves Yunobo again, who thanks him, but is discouraged about the cancellation.[13] He is then surprised when Link tells him that he wants to board Vah Rudania.[14] Although Yunobo is skeptic at first, he remembers that Link is able to operate the Cannons, and realizes they can work together to weaken Vah Rudania so Link can board it.[7] Together they lower the Bridge of Eldin by working in tandem, with Yunobo acting as the cannonball while Link fires the Cannon. As they approach Death Mountain, Vah Rudania deploys Sentries to hinder their progress, which will cause Magma Bombs to rain should either one of them be caught.[15] Link and Yunobo devise a plan to sneak by them, by having Link whistle whenever Yunobo should stop and go.[16] Together they scale the mountain, using each of its Cannons to weaken Vah Rudania. After detonating the last Cannon, the Divine Beast falls into Death Mountain's crater. Yunobo encourages Link to board the Divine Beast, while he stays behind and waits at the crater's edge.[17]

After Link defeats Fireblight Ganon and returns control of Vah Rudania to Daruk, the Goron Champion notices Yunobo staring at him below. Yunobo recognizes him as Daruk's spirit and begins waving at him.

When Link returns to Goron City, he meets Yunobo there who thanks him, saying that he feels a lot braver now.[18] He then remembers that Bludo had something to show him, and leads the way to him. Bludo also thanks Link and comments that Yunobo is a lot more responsible now.[19]

From there on, Yunobo can be found around Goron City or in his house. In the mornings, he walks to his "secret hideout", a small bridge overlooking the City.[20]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Yunobo comes from the future, where Breath of the Wild takes place, and uses Daruk's Protection and saves Daruk from being defeated by Fireblight Ganon at the last minute. This helps get enough time for Link to go to Divine Beast Vah Rudania to defeat Fireblight Ganon.

Yunobo also helps Daruk control Vah Rudania to help the defensive lines against the Guardians by destroying the bridges and defeating their headquarters.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRYunobo 
JapanJapaneseユン坊 (Yun-bō)坊 () is a hypocoristic honorific used for young boys.
Yun-bō is a corruption of ユンボ (Yunbo).
RussiaRussianЮнобо (Yunobo) 
Latin AmericaSpanishLAYunobo 
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