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Yunobo is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Goron living in Goron City in the Eldin Canyon region of Hyrule. Yunobo is also a descendant of Daruk, the Goron Champion.

He is voiced by Joe Hernandez in the English version of the game.

Personality and abilities

Yunobo is very timid and easily frightened, frequently cowering in fear when confronted by monsters. However, he is quite friendly, and quickly offers Link his assistance in his quest to free Vah Rudania once Link persuades him to help. He views Big Boss Bludo as a mentor whom Yunobo assists and cares for in his old age as shown by him bravely entering the Abandoned North Mine to acquire painkillers for the elderly Bludo though becomes dismayed when Link informs him they didn't work thus all his efforts seemingly wasted though Link convinces him to join Link in pacifying Vah Rudania. It is implied Bludo may intend to pass on the title of Patriarch to Yunobo and has taken him under his wing in the hope he can mold Yunobo into becoming a strong Goron like his great ancestor. Ironically Yunobo ends up assisting Daruk's sworn brother Link in freeing not only Vah Rudania but also allows Link to avenge Daruk's death by killing Fireblight Ganon which in turn frees Daruk's imprisoned spirit allowing him to retake control of Vah Rudania and aid Link in combating Calamity Ganon all thanks to Yunobo's brave assistance. He is also seen waving gleefully when he glimpses the spirit of Daruk atop Vah Rudania as the latter prepares to fire upon Hyrule Castle while Daruk is happy to see his descendant and Goron City are thriving a century after his death.

Yunobo, as a descendant of the champion Daruk, can utilize his ancestor's special ability, Daruk's Protection, seemingly with as much skill as Daruk himself. This skill greatly helps Link during his mission, as it allows Yunobo to protect himself from enemy attacks (including Vah Rudania's magma bombs) and use himself as a makeshift cannonball against the corrupted Divine Beast during the trek up Death Mountain. According to Rito Elder Kaneli only a Champion or descendant of one can pacify and completely control the Divine Beasts (the Scourges have to imprison the Champions spirits to control them though their level of control is nowhere near that of the Champions) indicating Yunobo is potentially the only person besides Link who could pacify and wrestle control of them from the Scourges of the Divine Beasts. However unlike Daruk, Yunobo is never seen wielding a weapon presumably due to relying solely on Daruk's Protection as a result of his timid personality and may explain why Bludo did not pass on the Boulder Breaker to Yunobo despite him being Daruk's descendant as he presumably lacks the skill to wield it properly.

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