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Yona is a character in Tears of the Kingdom. She is a Zora who is the wife of Sidon.


Yona is a kind-hearted, authoritative, Royal Zora Princess in Tears of the Kingdom. She has much respect for Link for saving the Domain some years prior. Yona is lifelong friends with Sidon despite her being from outside of Hyrule. She cares deeply not only for her fellow Zoras, but also her Husband Sidon and the Hyrulean Royal family which, at the time, only consisted of Princess Zelda.


Like most Zora in Breath of the Wild, Yona's name is a musical reference. Her name come from The yona-nuki (yona-less) scale. This scale is a type of Japanese pentatonic scale, that lacks "fa"(yo) and "si"(na).

In the early Meiji period (1868-1912) in Japan, "do re mi fa so la si" was read as "hi hu mi yo i mu na" (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) and the name was derived.


Yona's design is based on the Manta and Sting Ray which are closely related to the shark family of fish which is what Sidon is based on.

Yona is the third Zora Queen named in the Zelda Franchise with the first being Queen Rutela from Twilight Princess and second being Queen Oren from A Link Between Worlds.

The Zora Crest Yona wears behind her head is a heavily modified version of the Zora emblem which itself is actually the emblem of Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom. Yona's Zora Emblem has the appearance of a water droplet with two crescent moon shapes with one being large than the other.

Sidon was only able to become King and Yona become Queen after the two had officially wed. This likely means that the same must occur for Princess Zelda to officially become queen.

Yona is the only character to call Link by one of his official titles by calling him "Sir Link". His other title being "Champion Link".



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