Yoll Graveyard is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. It is located in eastern Labrynna, and covers what was the Sea of No Return in the Past. Directly north is Rolling Ridge, to the south is Crescent Island, and to the west is Lynna City. Its only inhabitants are Syrup the witch and the lonely Clock Poe.

To access the majority of the graveyard, Link must first obtain the Graveyard Key. In the southeast corner of the graveyard is the Spirit's Grave, the game's first dungeon. To the northwest of the graveyard is Cheval's grave, where Link obtains the Zora's Flippers. It can only be reached with the help of Moosh.

This is one of the two locations in the game where the effects of the Tune of Ages cannot be used (the other location being the area outside the Black Tower). The reason given is that grave is connected to the Ancient Tomb, and a mysterious force prevents Link from traveling in time.

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