"Forget mirror, Yeta… No. Look into eyes of Yeto… Look in reflection of Yeto’s eyes… There true beauty! Who need mirror?"
— Yeto

Yeto is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a Yeti who lives with his wife Yeta in the Snowpeak Ruins. Yeto wears a horse saddle on his head, which is used as a hat.


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According to the Twilight Princess official website, Yeto and his wife Yeta's love for each other was once "hot enough to melt all the snow on Snowpeak". By the events of the game, however, things seem to have cooled down.

Yeto was the Giant who was holding the Reekfish in Ashei's Sketch. After Link receives the Coral Earring from Prince Ralis and catches a Reekfish, he learns the Reekfish Scent, and is able to trace the scent of Reekfish, ultimately leading him to Yeto at the Snowpeak Top.

If he talks to Yeto as Wolf Link, Yeto is surprised to see a wolf of Link's color before commenting that if he did not already plan on having a reekfish dinner that night, he would take him home to eat instead (hinting at the possibility that Yeto and his wife normally eat the White Wolfos living on Snowpeak).

Yeto explains that he found a piece of the Mirror of Twilight, and that he will give it to Link if they sled to his house. When Link and Yeto reach the Snowpeak Ruins, Link is introduced to Yeto's wife, Yeta, who knows the location of the mirror piece. For the duration of the dungeon, Yeto stays in the kitchen cooking healing soup for his ailing wife. The soup restores some of Link's health when he drinks it. The amount the soup heals doubles each time Yeto adds an ingredient to it. After Link finds two soup ingredients in the dungeon, Yeto serves the soup to Yeta, who immediately gets over her illness.

After Link defeats Twilit Ice Mass, Blizzeta, the abomination Yeta morphs into when she is transformed by the Mirror of Twilight, Yeto comes rushing to his wife's aid, knocking over Link, and assures her that she does not need to see the "pretty mirror" because she herself is beautiful enough. Hearts start to fly out from Yeto and Yeta as they embrace, and in the end, a Heart Container flies out as well, symbolizing the rekindled love between the two.

Yeto can later be found at Snowpeak Top, where he and his wife offer to race Link down the mountain by sledding. Yeto is somewhat slow and takes an easy path; however, he will knock Link down if he crashes into him. Beating Yeto will allow Link to race Yeta, who, although much smaller, takes a much more dangerous route. Beating the pair earns Link a Piece of Heart.

In the end credits, a view of Snowpeak Ruins is seen. A heart floats out of the building implying that Yeto and Yeta live happily from then on.

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