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Yeti are a race in Twilight Princess.[name reference needed] They are based on the mythical animal of the same name.

Yeti are covered in white fur except on their faces, hands and feet, which are a bluish gray color on males and brown on females. Male Yeti are about twice the height of an average human and have a large, beaver-like tail. The males are very strong and can easily floor a Hylian. The only known female Yeti, named Yeta, is much closer to average Hylians in size but this could possibly be because she is rather young, as implied by Midna when she refers to her as a girl rather than a woman.[1] She has no tail or visible arms and her body is droopy, similar in appearance to a sweater; however Yeta could merely be wrapped in a blanket, as she is ill when Link first encounters her.[2]

So far, all known Yeti speak a broken variant of Hylian. They are generally kindhearted and generous. Yeto and Yeta enjoy snowboarding down Snowpeak (though they call it Sledding).[3]


  • Ashei is seen wearing what may be a Yeti costume when investigating Snowpeak in Twilight Princess.
  • When Link first reaches Snowpeak Top and meets Yeto for the first time, Yeto asks him if he came looking for his "true self". If Link replies "Yes" to the question, Yeto will laugh and tell him that the question is a Yeti joke.


  1. "Still... I feel bad about the way we treated that girl. To think the Mirror of Twilight has the power to change people like that... This world...ALL worlds...can be cruel... Let's hurry and collect the rest of those pieces, Link! We have to, before more innocent creatures have to endure the suffering this poor girl did..." — Princess Midna (Twilight Princess)
  2. "Wife...look bad, uh? Not healthy since mirror..." — Yeto (Twilight Princess)
  3. "Husband love sled, he make me race lots, uh. He love race with you, too, uh!" — Yeta (Twilight Princess)