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"...Who? Uh... Sorry... I have sickness, uh... Come closer, uh? Uh, wait... I tell you something. You cute little human. Husband told me you come. You want to look at mirror, uh?"
— Yeta

Yeta is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A female Yeti, she lives in the Snowpeak Ruins with her husband, Yeto. Though Yeta appears to be armless, she actually wears a white, brown and green sleeveless sweater that gives her an "armless" appearance. This also explains the colored argyle pattern across her body, which also has a different texture than the rest of her body.


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When Link first meets Yeta, she has a cold; unbeknownst to all, this is being caused by the Mirror Shard, which Yeta found and grew an unhealthy obsession with. Yeto is in the process of making her some soup, which Link helps with during his visit to their home. When Link goes to retrieve the Mirror Shard, she at first tries to direct him to the Bedroom Key, which grants access to where the mirror is kept, but her poor memory leads her to direct Link instead to chests containing Ordon Pumpkin and Ordon Goat Cheese. Eventually, Link acquires the Bedroom Key, and Yeta accompanies him to the bedroom. She gazes into the mirror once more, but the power of the mirror possesses her body, giving her a vampire-esque face and transforming her into Blizzeta when Link attempts to take it.

She then attempts to kill Link, but is ultimately defeated. Once she has been beaten, she turns back to her true self and the Mirror shard appears in Link's hands. While Yeta seems unconscious, Yeto runs at her in panic seeing her in this state. Yeto hugs her when he notices she is fine and in reference to the cliche of seeing hearts when two characters love each other in cartoons, when Yeto hugs Yeta, a flood of healing hearts starts flowing out of them and after a few seconds, a Heart Container comes out. Before leaving, Yeto can be talked to, and he will give off an extra heart. Subsequently, Yeta and Yeto become good friends with Link, even going so far as to have competitive races against him by sledding from Snowpeak Top to the Snowpeak Ruins. Once Link beats Yeto and then Yeta herself, they gladly give him a Piece of Heart, but you have to take a shortcut, as taking the long way results in a loss.

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Non-canonical appearances

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Yeta appears as a trophy.

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