Ya Naga Shrine

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Ya Naga Shrine
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The Ya Naga Shrine,[1] designated by the Trial name Shatter the Heavens,[1] is an Ancient Shrine in Breath of the Wild.

Entrance to the Shrine

Ya Naga Shrine is located in the center of Hylia Island on Lake Hylia, within a small, dry divot hidden among rocks. As Link enters the Ancient Shrine, he is greeted by the Shrine's Monk, Ya Naga.[2]

Themes and Navigation

Ya Naga Shrine features a ceiling with multiple cracked stones and a metal rail leading from the floor and going close to the cracked stones. A stone cube is attached to the rail and is above an opening at the end of a small tube that Link can place a Remote Bomb in. Placing a Bomb under the cube and detonating it causes the stone to be launched up the rail. Link can use this to launch another Bomb upto the cracked stones and detonate it to destroy them. Link can also use the Stasis Rune on the stone cube to delay the cube's launch, allowing him to destroy the blocks using only one type of Bomb. The cracked stones can also be destroyed using Bomb Arrows.

After destroying the cracked stones, Link can use the stone cube to launch himself onto the floor above, where Ya Naga awaits him. Upon approaching Ya Naga, the Monk will present Link a Spirit Orb for completing the Trial,[3] and will wish Link well before fading away.[4]

A stone Treasure Chest containing an Eightfold Blade rests on top of a short pillar near the cracked stones and on the Monk's right.



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