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Main appearance(s)
Jakamar (husband)
Kukiel (daughter)[2]

Wryna is a character in Skyward Sword who lives in Skyloft. She is the wife of Jakamar and the mother of Kukiel.[3]


Fi's Comment:

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Target Lock: Wryna

That is Wryna. She is the creative wife of Jakamar, the resident repairman of Skyloft. She is said to have a limitless imagination and is often rumored to be the inspiration behind her husband's work.

When Link first encounters Wryna, she is standing in her house. If Link speaks to her, she asks the young hero if he has seen her daughter,[4] who happens to be right outside her house. After winning the Wing Ceremony, Wryna can be found outside her house, still looking for Kukiel. She comments on Kukiel's ability to disappear like a magician.[5]

Once Link places the Ruby Tablet inside the Chamber of the Sword, he finds a distressed Wryna looking for Kukiel, who hasn't been seen since the start of the Wing Ceremony.[6] She asks for Link's help to find her daughter, to which he agrees.[7] After Link eventually finds Kukiel in the company of the friendly demon Batreaux, the little girl returns safely to her parents, who show their happiness and appreciation towards Link by giving him five Gratitude Crystals each.[8]


Wryna's name is derived from the wren, a bird.

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