"Hey, look! I'm a Wrecker Phantom! Now I can roll around and smash things up! But I hope I don't get too dizzy..."
Princess Zelda

Wrecker Phantoms are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. They are similar to Phantoms, but are able to quickly transform into wrecking balls and move at increasing speeds. Link's best defense against these enemies is to stay out of their way. These are arguably the toughest variants of Phantoms, as they can take down Link with two kinds of attacks, and can instantly stun other Phantoms by rolling into them, including other Wrecker Phantoms.

If Princess Zelda possesses a Wrecker Phantom, she is given the ability to knock through Weak Walls, bomb blocks and other obstacles, and to knock around enemies with ease, giving Link a chance to run by. However, due to the Wrecker Phantoms' mode of transportation, Zelda cannot carry Link or other objects while possessing one.

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Hyrule Warriors

The Wrecker Phantom's Wrecker Sword appears as Toon Zelda's Level 3 weapon in her Phantom Arms moveset. As part of her moveset, Toon Zelda can transform her Phantom into an iron ball as her Strong Attack, which is a reference to the Wrecker Phantom's ability from Spirit Tracks.

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