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The Woods of Winter is a forested area in southeastern Holodrum in Oracle of Seasons.[1] To the north of the woods is the Sunken City. To the west is Eyeglass Lake. The woods are accessed from the south via the Eastern Suburbs, which is just next to Horon Village. At the heart of the woods lies the second dungeon, the Snake's Remains. The woods are infested with Moblins, Leevers, Peahats and Like Likes.

Features and Overview[]

After obtaining the Seed Satchel and the Ember Seeds from the Gnarled Root Dungeon, Link can burn the bushes east of Horon Village, providing access to the eastern parts of Holodrum. By moving up through the Eastern Suburbs, Link can reach the southern portion of the Woods of Winter.[2]

OoS Holly's House Exterior

Outside Holly's House

Given the numerous trees that block off paths in the area, the Woods of Winter is most easily navigated in winter (hence its name), when the leaves have fallen off the trees and the ponds have frozen over. However, to reach the Snake's Remains, Link must clear the snow blocking the path using the Shovel acquired from Holly, who lives in a House in the northeastern corner of the woods. Since the door of her House is barred, Link must enter it from the chimney that can be reached by climbing the adjacent snowbank in winter. After tumbling into the House through the chimney, causing a startled Holly to mistake Link for Santa, she orders Link to clear her walkway, giving him the Shovel and allowing him to keep it afterwards.[3] With it, the young hero can shovel his way to the heart of the woods, where the Snake's Remains is located. Nearby is Holodrum's Mystery Tree, from which Link obtains his first Mystery Seeds. In autumn, the Golden Moblin appears near Snake's Remains.

Snake's Remains Entrance

The entrance to the Snake's Remains

After acquiring the Power Bracelet from the Snake's Remains, Link can lift rocks blocking paths in the woods. One rock in the southeastern corner of the woods guards a Piece of Heart.[2]

Adjacent to the entrance of the Snake's Remains is a small bluff. The surface of the bluff is divided into two sections by a couple rocks. The westernmost section features two staircases which lead into different sections of the dungeon. Between the two staircases is a Treasure Chest containing a Gasha Seed. The easternmost section of the bluff features a tree stump, accessed by climbing the Vines that grow on the side of the bluff in summer. Just beneath the tree stump is a cave. The entrance, carved into the side of the bluff, is blocked by two Rock Mushrooms that ripen only in autumn. In a Linked Game, a Great Fairy appears in the cave next to this one—the entrance to which is surrounded by deep water. This Great Fairy has a secret to be told to Tingle in Labrynna,[4] who will then upgrade Link's seed-carrying capacity.

Also in the Woods of Winter is a Fairy Fountain reminiscent those in The Legend of Zelda. In the northern section of the woods is the entrance to the underground cavern of waterfalls that flow from Sunken City known as Sunken Falls. Burning a specific bush using Ember Seeds reveals a staircase to a hidden cave where an Old Man resides. If Link speaks to the Old Man, he will take 50 of Link's Rupees for the reparations of the "door" that the young hero destroyed.[5]

When Link first arrives in the Woods, Link encounters Rosa, a Subrosian. By carefully following Rosa without being seen, she leads the young hero to a Portal in a closed off section of Eyeglass Lake.[2] By stepping into the portal, Link is transported to Subrosia for the first time. Here, he locates the sunken Temple of Seasons and obtains the Rod of Seasons found within. He also speaks to the Spirit of Winter, who adds the power of winter to the rod. This becomes pivotal in the navigation of the woods.

Minor Enemies[]


  • Despite its name, autumn and summer are the default seasons of the Woods of Winter.
  • At 3 Tree Stumps, the Woods of Winter has more stumps than any other area in Holodrum.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウインタのもり (Uinta no Mori) Forest of Winter
French-speaking countries French Bois Hivernaux Wintry Woods
Federal Republic of Germany German Wintergehölz Woods of Winter
Italian Republic Italian Bosco d'Inverno
Foresta Inver. Triforce piece
Woods of Winter
Wintry Forest
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Bosque del Invierno Woods of Winter



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