"Woods of Mystery
Beware of ferocious turtles.

The Woods of Mystery is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This forest, located deep within the Southern Swamp, is a maze-like area that is difficult to navigate, similar to the Lost Woods, a recurring location in the Legend of Zelda series. Whoever enters a wrong tunnel will find themselves back at the entrance. The correct path used to pass through the forest changes from day to day in the three-day cycle; however, after the completion of the Woodfall Temple, the order will be "locked", and will not change for the remaining duration of the current cycle. This implies the changing paths may have been a result of the curse placed on the area by Majora's Mask.


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At one point, Link has to brave the marshes of the Southern Swamp in order to rescue the giant held captive in the Woodfall Temple. He enters the Woods of Mystery and encounters a monkey who safely guides him through the forest. If Link falls behind, he can hear the monkey's voice louder coming from the direction it went, similar to how the volume of the background music can point to the correct direction in the Lost Woods in other games. Deep inside the woods, Link encounters Koume, who has been injured by the Skull Kid. Link must give her a bottle of Red Potion to restore her strength.

Link enters the Magic Hags' Potion Shop, and informs Kotake about the situation. She presents Link with a bottle full of Red Potion; the first bottle obtained in the game. Link returns to Koume in the forest, and presents her with the Red Potion, restoring her strength fully. Although grateful, she provides no reward at the time, but tells him to come to the Swamp Tourist Center when he has time. If Koume is not restored within the passing of the First Day, Kotake leaves the Potion Shop to search for Koume in the forest, until Link finds her.

Upon entering the forest, Link encounters some more monkeys who ask him to aid their brother, who has been taken captive by the Deku, whose princess has been kidnapped, believing the monkey she was with at the time to be responsible. They travel to the Deku Palace, but Link cannot follow them all the way due to Big Octos infesting the swamp. Upon Link's arrival at the Swamp Tourist Center, Koume rewards him with the Pictograph Box, as well as a free boat ride to the Deku Palace; the Big Octos are defeated by the boat, allowing Link to continue on his quest.

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