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Wooden Shield Moblin
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Wooden Shield Moblins are Enemies in Skyward Sword.[name reference needed]


Fi's Comment:

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Target Lock: Wooden Shield Moblin

This massive monster's wall-sized shield gives it a tactical advantage. When its shield is at the ready, most attacks will be quite futile. The destruction of its shield is likely to drive the monster into a rage, instantly increasing its threat.

Wooden Shield Moblins brandish a wooden, square-shaped Shield and a long wooden spear. Its only attack is stabbing Link with its spear. Link can cut its shield down into small pieces with his Sword, leaving the beast defenseless and open for attack. The Moblin can counterattack this if it turns its Shield and Link strikes it. However, after the Shield has been cut down, it will become enraged and use both hands to swing its spear at Link aggressively, and also charge at Link (if he keeps his distance) while using its spear as a jostling vault. Link can also jump behind the Moblin by dashing onto its Shield and climbing over it, jumping over and exposing the monster's behind for an attack. After a Moblin is defeated, it will tumble forward; if Link stands too close to the Moblin when it falls, he will be knocked back by the Moblin's heavy body, but will not be damaged.


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