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This article is about a recurring animal species. For the lupine enemy from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, see Wolfos.

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A Maraudo Wolf from Breath of the Wild
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Habitat(s)Tabantha Frontier
Great Hyrule Forest
Gerudo Desert
Gerudo Highlands
Hebra Mountains
Twilight Realm
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Wolves are recurring Animals in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed]


Twilight Princess

Wolf Link is a form of Link that debuted in Twilight Princess. Link is forcibly transformed into this lycanthrope when he enters the Twilight that covers Hyrule. His whole body transforms, with the only remnants of his previous self being his blue eyes, earrings, and the Triforce mark that appears on his hand. As Wolf Link, the same mark appears on his front paw. This new form grants Link greater speed and heightened senses, among other abilities.[1] Link eventually returns to his old self, but reforms into Wolf Link whenever he enters Twilight, and can change between Hylian and Wolf at will. Wolf Link is instrumental in the plot of Twilight Princess, with Midna believing he is the beast destined to free the Twili.

A second Wolf – known as the Golden Wolf – appears in the game. It is a form taken on by the Hero’s Spirit, an undead soldier Link periodically encounters on his travels. In Hyrule, he takes on the form of a yellow Wolf with red eyes. Interacting with this wolf is what causes him to transform into his true, ghostly form.

Breath of the Wild

Three different species of Wolves appear in Breath of the Wild as creatures Link can interact with throughout Hyrule. The first wolf is Wolf Link, who returns as a companion the player can access through the Wolf Link amiibo figure. He will fight alongside Link and respond to his commands until his Hearts are fully depleted.

The two other wolves are aggressive, wild canines that will attack Link in packs. When a wolf spots Link, it will howl to alert its nearby pack members and then proceed to chase him. In a confrontation, the wolves will slowly encircle Link and periodically rush towards him and bite him. The wolves only fall back if Link is in a position where they cannot reach him (such as up in a tree), or if he injures or kills one of them, causing the remaining wolves to disband. Killing a wolf produces either Raw Prime Meat or Raw Gourmet Meat. Two species of wolves appear in the game: the gray-furred Maraudo Wolves that live in forests and woodlands and white-furred Cold-Footed Wolves that live in mountainous, snowy areas.


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  1. "Eee hee hee! Want to see something interesting? You're a beast, remember? Press X Button to hone your senses and poke around!" — Midna (Twilight Princess HD)