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The Witch's Ring is an item featured in The Crystal Trap. Obtained from the Tree Witch, the ring is required to open the door that leads to the room guarding the Magnifying Glass, which is one of the items necessary to free Link from the Crystal.

Zelda can only obtain the Witch's Ring if she chooses to stay and eat with the Tree Witch. For having had the courage to try the witch's stew, the old woman will reward her with the ring.[1] Once the princess reaches the Cavern, she will come upon a door that will not open with the Large Brass Key, and the only way to open it is by inserting the Witch's Ring on the keyhole.[2] This will cause the locked door to swing open, allowing the young princess to retrieve the Magnifying Glass inside the chamber.[3]


  1. "'I told you!' the witch laughs. 'Course, not many folks have the courage to try some tree witch stew, but them that do deserve a reward. So here's yours.' [...] 'A ring!' Zelda says. It's a thing band of gold, with an oldy shaped pink crystal set in it. Zelda slides it on her finger. Suddenly she doesn't feel tired at all."  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 111)
  2. "'The ring,' Zelda says. 'The one the tree witch gave me!' [...] 'It's the same shape as the keyhole!' [...] The crystal fits smoothly into the keyhole and the door springs open."  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 23)
  3. "A thin shaft of light falls from the ceiling onto the tabletop. Something shining there catches Zelda's eye. 'A magnifying glass!' Zelda says, surprised."  (The Crystal Trap (Archway) pg. 15)