The Wise One is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. She is the elder of Papuchia Village and all the villagers rely on her clairvoyant abilities for advice in their daily lives. When speaking with her, players must talk into the Nintendo DS microphone to answer her questions in which she replies with set responses for certain words.

She will ask three questions; "What is your gender? What is your eye color? What is your astrological symbol?" In the European version of the game she asks "What is your star symbol?" instead of asking for Link's astrological symbol.


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When Link arrives in Papuchia Village, he asks the Wise One's advice as to how to find Carben, the Lokomo sage of the Ocean Sanctuary.

Later, the Wise One gives Link a special urn for 50 then 100 Rupees in order to "ward off" the spirit haunting Link, which could possibly refer to Princess Zelda. It is to be delivered to Steem of the Snow Sanctuary for a Force Gem. This urn will break if the Spirit Train is hit even once.

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