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Wind Crests are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Location and Uses

The Wind Waker

Conducting the Wind's Requiem with the Wind Waker while on a Wind Crest will reveal a hidden Treasure Chest.

The Minish Cap

Wind Crests are revealed by touching small gravestone-like statues, revealing tiles with a treble-clef on it. Whenever Link activates one and crumbles the stone monument, Ezlo expresses his surprise.[3] They were made by the Wind Tribe for using the Ocarina of Wind, which would allow them to move to any Wind Crest that had been activated. While searching for the Wind Element in the Fortress of Winds, Link encounters an ancient tablet left by the Wind Tribe detailing their departure from the surface world and their mastery over the winds.[4] The tablet also instructs Link to utilize the Ocarina of Wind to obtain their power. After learning that the Wind Element is not located at the Fortress of Winds, Ezlo encourages Link to use the Ocarina of Wind to progress.[5]

The eight Wind Crests, the Ocarina of Wind, and Zeffa construct the Warp system for The Minish Cap, and are of no use to Link until the Ocarina of Wind is obtained. After using the Ocarina of Wind to fly to one of the Wind Crests, Ezlo explains that whenever Link uses it, Zeffa can take him to any Wind Crest that he has previously discovered.[6] The Wind Crest in Lake Hylia is already active by the time Link receives the Ocarina of Wind.

Unlike several of the necessary sidequests in The Minish Cap, unveiling and using the Wind Crests is not required for completion of the game.

Warp Spots

Area Location
Mount Crenel Beside the Minish Portal and Melari's Mine
Castor Wilds In the southern section to the east of the Mysterious Statues
South Hyrule Field North of Link's House
Hyrule Town Beside the western wall of the Funday School
Lake Hylia West of the Temple of Droplets
Minish Woods Northwest of Minish Village
Veil Falls Near the top of the falls, beneath Biggoron
Cloud Tops In front of the Home of the Wind Tribe



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