"Use the wind god's...wind? That's what he said, but I don't understand. I wonder what it means? The wind god's wind... I wonder if what he's talking about has anything to do with the Wind Shrine that's through that tunnel..."

The "Wind's Requiem" (風の唄 Kaze no Uta?, Song of Wind) is a song from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is the first song that Link learns during his adventure. Link learns the "Wind's Requiem", whose conducting directions are inscribed on the altar of the wind deity, Zephos, found at the Wind Shrine on Dragon Roost Island. The melody enables Link to control the direction in which the wind blows, a much-needed tactic for a number of things, most often sailing. The "Wind's Requiem", much like "Zelda's Lullaby" from Ocarina of Time, must be played while when Link is standing on wind emblems to make chests containing Triforce Charts, which lead to pieces of the Triforce of Courage, materialize themselves. Curiously, if one listens close enough, the song sounds slightly similar to the "Song of Time", albeit one note higher.

The actual pitches of the notes translate as follows: C, F, A.


A requiem is a song often performed at funerals.

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