"So you want to get to the Forest Sanctuary, do you? There's a path we locals usually take. Just go west of this village to find it. But listen young fellow -- it's called the Lost Woods for a good reason. One wrong step, and boom! You go right back to the entrance."
— Whittleton Chief

The Whittleton Chief is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. As his name implies, he is the leader of Whittleton.


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The Whittleton Chief informs Link about the Lost Woods and tells him that he must traverse the area to reach the Forest Sanctuary, where the Lokomo sage Gage is waiting for him, ready to restore the Spirit Tracks. The chief also informs Link that the villagers of Whittleton may have more information for him.

Later, Link meets a woman in Papuchia Village who wishes for a husband. She is very specific about which kind of man she wishes to marry: she wants him to have a beard, a large nose, and a burly body structure. The Whittleton Chief fits this description, and, if Link brings him to Papuchia Village, the two marry. The woman's ex-boyfriend was captured by Miniblins and when he returns to Papuchia Village, he is disgusted to find that she has married another man.

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