Whittleton Sprite

Whittleton, also known as Mayscore, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. This small village, located in the Forest Realm, is home to many lumberjacks that are all men and is New Hyrule's primary source of quality wood. The leader of the village is the Whittleton Chief. The leaves in Whittleton can be blown away using the Whirlwind, revealing Rupees, hearts and treasures. There is also a mini-game called the Whip Race that utilizes the Whip, an item obtained in the Ocean Temple. The Whip Race is located towards the back of Whittleton and is unreachable without the Whip. The Whittleton Stamp Station can also be found in this area.


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Whittleton's Chief's House

The Whittleton Chief's house

After learning of Chancellor Cole's plan to revive the dreaded Demon King, Link travels to the Tower of Spirits, where he is given the assignment to restore the Spirit Tracks in order to maintain the seal on the Demon King. He learns that he must travel to the Forest Temple to aid him in restoring the Spirit Tracks. Link travels south to Whittleton, where he speaks to the Whittleton Chief. He tells Link about the Lost Woods, a mysterious forest that only those privy to its secret can pass through; Link eventually navigates the Lost Woods with the help of the inhabitants of Whittleton. (Whittleton is also the place where Link gets the Whittleton Lumber for a side-quest later on in the game)

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Spirit Tracks Credits Artwork 6

Artwork of the Lumber Salesman, Whittleton Chief, and the Rabbitland Rescue Man in Whittleton

The name "Whittleton" is a reference to the art of whittling, as in the carving of pieces of raw wood with the help of a knife. This is appropriate, considering the village is home to many lumberjacks.

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