White Chuchus are an enemy and type of ChuChu from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are found in cold areas, such as Mount Hylia. However they may be encountered in other areas such as Crenel Hills They have the ability to freeze Link, rendering him completely unable to move. They are generally easy to take out, falling to one or two strikes from a weak weapon, but can become formidable when fighting other enemies alongside them, due to their ability to freeze Link. When a White Chuchu attacks Link, it will lose its icy coat, becoming translucent. If a White Chuchu is killed while it is still covered with ice, it will release an icy blast that will freeze anything that it touches.

They will be instantly killed when hit by Bomb Arrows, Fire Arrows, Lit Arrows, Lit Torch, or Fire Elemental Weapons and will not produce a freezing cloud.

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