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West Necluda is a location in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]

Features and Overview

Ash Swamp

Main article: Ash Swamp

Batrea Lake

Main article: Batrea Lake

Big Twin Bridge

Main article: Big Twin Bridge

Blatchery Plain

Main article: Blatchery Plain

Bonooru's Stand

Main article: Bonooru's Stand

Bronas Forest

Main article: Bronas Forest

Bubinga Forest

Main article: Bubinga Forest

Calora Lake

Main article: Calora Lake

Corta Lake

Main article: Corta Lake

Deya Lake

Main article: Deya Lake

Deya Village Ruins

Main article: Deya Village Ruins

Dueling Peaks

Main article: Dueling Peaks

Dueling Peaks South

Main article: Dueling Peaks South

Dueling Peaks Stable

Main article: Dueling Peaks Stable

Dueling Peaks Tower

Main article: Dueling Peaks Tower

Ebara Forest

Main article: Ebara Forest

Faron Tower

Main article: Faron Tower

Farosh Hills

Main article: Farosh Hills

Finra Woods

Main article: Finra Woods

Floret Sandbar

Main article: Floret Sandbar

Floria Bridge

Main article: Floria Bridge

Floria Falls

Main article: Floria Falls

Great Fairy Fountain

Main article: Cotera

Hickaly Woods

Main article: Hickaly Woods

Hills of Baumer

Main article: Hills of Baumer

Kakariko Bridge

Main article: Kakariko Bridge

Kakariko Village

Main article: Kakariko Village

Kamah Plateau

Main article: Kamah Plateau

Lake Floria

Main article: Lake Floria

Lake Siela

Main article: Lake Siela

Lakeside Stable

Main article: Lakeside Stable

Lantern Lake

Main article: Lantern Lake

Little Twin Bridge

Main article: Little Twin Bridge

Mable Ridge

Main article: Mable Ridge

Nabi Lake

Main article: Nabi Lake

North Dueling Peaks

Main article: North Dueling Peaks

North Mable Ridge

Main article: North Mable Ridge

Oakle's Navel

Main article: Oakle's Navel

Pillars of Levia

Main article: Pillars of Levia

A group of eight large tors located to the south of Kakariko Village.

Popla Foothills

Main article: Popla Foothills

Rassla Lake

Main article: Rassla Lake

Riola Spring

Main article: Riola Spring

A spring to the south of Mount Floria connected to Floria Falls. On the nights of the Blood Moon the Great Dragon Farosh will come and bathe in it's waters.

Rodai Lake

Main article: Rodai Lake

Sahasra Slope

Main article: Sahasra Slope

Sarjon Bridge

Main article: Sarjon Bridge

South Nabi Lake

Main article: South Nabi Lake

Telta Lake

Main article: Telta Lake

Ubota Point

Main article: Ubota Point

West Nabi Lake

Main article: West Nabi Lake

Ancient Shrines

Shrine Trial Name Location Treasure
Ha Dahamar Shrine The Water Guides Dueling Peaks Stable Purple Rupee
Hila Rao Shrine Drifting Floret Sandbar Ice Arrow x5
Lakna Rokee Shrine Lakna Rokee's Blessing West Necluda Edge of Duality
Qukah Nata Shrine Qukah Nata's Blessing West Necluda Rubber Tights
Ree Dahee Shrine Timing is Critical Dueling Peaks Climber's Bandanna
Shai Utoh Shrine Halt the Tilt Lakeside Stable Ancient Core
Traveler's Sword
Shee Venath Shrine Twin Memories Dueling Peaks Serpentine Spear
Shee Vaneer Shrine Twin Memories Dueling Peaks Eightfold Longblade
Shoda Sah Shrine Impeccable Timing West Necluda Ice Arrow x5
Ta'loh Naeg Shrine Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching Kakariko Village Eightfold Blade
Shield of the Mind's Eye
Toto Sah Shrine Toto Sah Apparatus West Necluda Shield of the Mind's Eye


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese西ハテール (Nishi Hatēru)West Hatēru
Latin AmericaSpanishLANecluda occidental[1]West Necluda
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  1. "Necluda occidental" — Map (Breath of the Wild)