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The West Hyrule Plains is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

The West Hyrule Plains are a series of plains located between Hyrule Field and the Tabantha Frontier. An unoccupied camp can be found in a small marsh in the northern Plain. A monster camp has been established in the ruins in the southern Plain. Various Barrels and boxes which contain Acorns and Apples can be found within this camp. South of these ruins stand several megaliths; various ring-shaped rocks which face various directions. The traveling Rito Bard, Kass, can be found atop a rock formation in the far southern reaches of the Plains. He is there in search of the source of the last Ancient Song that his teacher taught him.[2] The aforementioned source is described by Kass as an Ancient Shrine that can be found by threading two rings with an Arrow. By listening to Kass recite the Ancient Song, Link receives the Shrine Quest, "The Two Rings", which leads to the Sheem Dagoze Shrine in the Plains. The traveler Chabi can be found fighting against a Bokoblin near her bivouac.

A Yiga Footsoldier may pass through the Plains disguised as a Traveler. A Blue Hinox can be found resting in the southern Plain. In Master Mode, it is replaced with a Black Hinox.

A metallic Treasure Chest containing a Topaz can be found inside the ruins of a building in the monster camp in the southern Plain. A wooden Treasure Chest containing a bundle of five Bomb Arrows can be found atop the unoccupied camp in the north Plain.

A Korok can be found by lifting a Rock hidden underneath a large stone slab in the middle of the Plains. A second Korok can be found by examining the leaves with Fairy Dust that are traveling along the ground southwest of the previous Korok. South of that Korok, a third Korok can be found by solving the Flower Trail. A fourth Korok can be found by completing the Tree Pattern west of the third Korok.


Minor Enemies

Normal ModeMaster Mode




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  2. "I did not hear your approach. I was lost in this song written by my late teacher. He passed away several years ago, you see... And this was the last song he taught me." — Kass (Breath of the Wild)