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West Clock Town is an area of Clock Town in Majora's Mask.[1]


Bomb Shop Family

Main article: Bomb Shop Owner

An Old Lady and her son run the Bomb Shop in Clock Town. The mother handles most of the stock deliveries, while the son handles the sales at the counter. The Old Lady is very kind, and is not against rewarding kindness. The son seems slightly childish (he often refers to his mother as "Mommy"),[2] but he loves his mother and is able to run the shop well.

Man from Curiosity Shop and Trading post

Main article: Man from Curiosity Shop

This man runs the Trading Post during the day. He seems like a normal man, if a little eccentric. During night-time hours he is replaced with a Part-Time Employee. Then, he works at the Curiosity Shop[3] and is perfectly fine with selling stolen goods. It is tough to get a good bargain from him.


Main article: Part-Timer

When the Trading Post owner leaves for the night, he leaves the Part-Timer to the Trading Post to sell things. The man very obviously does not really care about the job, and does not know what any of the merchandise is.[4]


Main article: Banker

The West Clock Town Bank is operated by a single Banker. He keeps track of customers by stamping them with invisible ink.[5]

In Majora's Mask 3D, he along with the Bank is relocated to South Clock Town.


Main article: Postman

The Postman is a very hard-working fellow who will not upset his schedule in the least. He will not even stop to chat if it means disturbing the schedule. He even goes so far as to practice his running while he is still in his office. For some reason, he likes to practice running for exactly 10 seconds.


Main article: Swordsman

This no-nonsense Swordsman loves the sword and is more than willing to teach his skills to anyone who wants to learn. Whenever Link wears a Mask while in his school, he will be very angry and refuse to teach Link. The Swordsman is, however, very easy to scare, and can be easily unnerved by several Masks, as well as the Moon.

Judo and Marilla Rosa

Main article: Rosa Sisters

Judo and Marilla Rosa, collectively known as the Rosa Sisters, can be found practicing their choreography at night in front of the Lottery Shop.

Features and Overview

West Clock Town is home to various shops in Clock Town, and serves as the town's busy business district. All of the shops are located along a winding path, next to several steps leading to the district's northern square. The Lottery Shop, Post Office and the Rosa Sisters at night can be found at this square. The district exits to the direction of the Great Bay through Termina Field.

If Link wears Kamaro's Mask and dances in front of the Rosa Sisters, they will be impressed by his dancing and award him with a Piece of Heart.

Bomb Shop

Main article: Bomb Shop
Bomb Shop sign

At the Bomb Shop, Link is able to purchase Bombs and Bomb Bags, as well as Powder Kegs when he is in his Goron form after receiving his certification from a Goron. The main area of this shop is run by a man and his mother, while the Powder Keg section is operated by a Goron. If Link saves the Old Lady from the thief Sakon on the First Day, the Big Bomb Bag will be up for sale here.

Curiosity Shop

Main article: Curiosity Shop
Curiosity Shop sign

The Curiosity Shop is a pawn shop dealing in second-hand and illicitly-obtained goods. Open nightly from 10 PM to 6 AM, it plays an important role in several sidequests. The store's owner is a close friend of Kafei's, and is involved in the Reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. Kafei resides in a storage room at the back of the Curiosity Shop that exits to the Laundry Pool. In this room, there is a peep hole allowing Kafei to monitor dealings in the shop.

If Link does not save the Old Lady from Sakon on the First Day, the Big Bomb Bag will go up for sale here for a higher price on the Final Day. If the Old Lady is saved, then the All-Night Mask will instead be sold at the Curiosity Shop for 500 Rupees on the Final Day.

Link is also able to sell certain items at the Curiosity Shop, including Gold Dust won from the Goron Races, Fish, Bugs, and Big Poes.

Post Office

Main article: Post Office

When not delivering or collecting mail, the Postman can be found at the Post Office. During the First and Second Days, Link is able to enter the Post Office and speak with the Postman to participate in a mini-game, in which a timer must be stopped at exactly 10.0 seconds for a Piece of Heart. Wearing the Bunny Hood before speaking to the Postman will make the timer visible.

As part of the Reuniting Anju and Kafei sidequest, Link can ask the Postman to deliver Express Mail to Madame Aroma. This results in the Postman being given permission to leave Clock Town before the Moon crashes, and Link receives the Postman's Hat as a reward.

Lottery Shop

Main article: Lottery Shop

The Lottery Shop sells tickets in order to get an opportunity to win Rupees. Link can buy a different ticket each day.

Trading Post

Main article: Trading Post
Trading Post sign

Clock Town's Trading Post offers refills of several items. During the day, it is operated by the Man from Trading Post. At night and on the Final Day, it is staffed by the Part-Timer.

Pierre the S can be found here, standing next to a small stream which contains a fish.

Clock Town Bank

Main article: Clock Town Bank

The Bank in West Clock Town allows Link to keep a bank account and to deposit his Rupees before playing the "Song of Time", which causes the hero to lose all of his earnings accumulated during the three-day period otherwise. He can make deposits and withdrawals in any of his forms; however, during the night, there is a 4 Rupee service charge on withdrawals.[6] Link can receive an Adult Wallet once Link's account has 200 Rupees in. Once he accumulates 5,000 Rupees in his account, the Bank will take no more deposits, but will award Link with a Piece of Heart.[7] Interest is awarded whenever Link's saving account reaches 1,000 Rupees.

In Majora's Mask 3D, the Bank is instead located in South Clock Town, behind the Clock Tower.

Swordsman's School

Main article: Swordsman's School

The Swordsman operates a training School in West Clock Town where Link can participate in a sword-fighting tutorial or play a mini-game, in which Link must strike the logs with a Jump Attack. If Link obtains 30 points, he will receive a Piece of Heart as a reward. On the Final Night, Link can slash a wall at the back of the School to find a secret room in which the Swordsman is cowering from the falling Moon.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese クロックタウン (西) (Kurokku Taun [Nishi]) Clock Town [West]
Canada FrenchCA Ouest de Cadranbourg (MM3D) West of Clock Town
French Republic FrenchEU Ouest de Bourg-Clocher West of Clock Town
Federal Republic of Germany German West-Unruh-Stadt
Italian Republic Italian Cronopoli Ovest West Time Town
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Oeste de la Ciudad Reloj West of the Clock City


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