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All weapons in The Legend of Zelda series have a predefined amount of damage they cause to enemies. Each weapon's strength appears to be a simple multiple in strength of each game's weakest, basic weapon, which is usually the starting sword.

Attack Modifiers[]

There are various items and actions Link can take that can modify the damage he deals with weapons. Multiple modifiers can potentially stack with each other for a combined effect. For example, a spin attack may, depending on the game, receive a boost from an item as well as maintaining its own boost.

Spin Attack[]

OoT Spin Attack Artwork
Link using the Spin Attack in Ocarina of Time
Main article: Spin Attack

The spin attack doubles Link's attack strength with whichever sword he is using. Since Twilight Princess was released it only deals 1.5 times more damage than a regular attack of Link's sword.

Jump Attack[]

OoT Link Performing Jump Attack Artwork
Link performing a Jump Attack in Ocarina of Time
Main article: Jump Attack

The jump attack has twice the damage with a sword as a normal attack. Since Twilight Princess was released it only deals 1.5 times more damage than a regular attack of Link's sword.

Piece of Power[]

LADX Piece of Power Sprite
Main article: Piece of Power

A Piece of Power is an item that momentarily doubles Link's attack power. They are dropped by enemies every time Link defeats between 40 and 45 of them.[1]

Red Clothes[]

LADX Link Wearing Red Clothes Sprite
Main article: Red Clothes

The Red Clothes are a permanent clothing item for Link in Link's Awakening that doubles the power of all of his attacks. It is a permanent version of the Piece of Power, whose effects stack with Red Clothes.

Magic Rings[]

OoS Magic Ring Unappraised Sprite
Main article: Magic Ring

Various Magic Rings in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages change the amount of damage Link's attacks have. Some rings lower it, some raise it. Usually in exchange for something else, such as lowering Link's defenses or damaging him with each attack. Certain rings increase the power of specific items such as bombs or the Boomerang.

Razor Seed[]

FS Razor Seed Artwork
Main article: Razor Seed

Razor Seeds are items that double Link's power until the end of the stage in Four Swords. Razor Seeds can be found by cutting grass, breaking pots, and slashing bushes.

Elixir Soup[]

TWWHD Elixir Soup Artwork
Main article: Elixir Soup

The Elixir Soup is a drinkable bottle item in The Wind Waker with two helpings that doubles Link's overall attack power for as long as the effect is active. It is canceled once he takes damage.

Din's Charm[]

TMC Din's Charm Sprite
Main article: Din's Charm

Din's Charm is an Item that can be placed into an Empty Bottle by Din. It doubles Link's attack power for one minute.

Great Fairy Tears[]

TP Great Fairy's Tears Render
Main article: Great Fairy's Tears

The Great Fairy's Tears in Twilight Princess are identical in function in the Elixir Soup. They double Link's attack power for a brief period of time or until he takes damage.

Attack Modifiers Summary[]

Modifier Effect Game
Spin Attack Doubles attack strength of current sword No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jump Attack Doubles attack strength of current sword No No No No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes* No No
Piece of Power Doubles attack power temporarily No No No Yes No No No No No No No No No No No No No
Red Clothes Doubles attack power permanently No No No Yes* No No No No No No No No No No No No No
Magic Rings Increase or decrease attack power No No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No No No No
Razor Seed Doubles attack power until end of stage No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No No No
Elixir Soup Doubles attack power until Link receives damage No No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No No No No
Great Fairy Tears Doubles attack power until Link receives damage No No No No No No No No No No No Yes No No No No No

Weapon Strength By Game[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

Weapon Strength
SwordSword 1
White SwordWhite Sword 2
Magical SwordMagical Sword 4
ArrowArrow 2
Silver ArrowSilver Arrow 4
FireFire 1
BombBomb 4
Magical RodMagical Rod 2

A Link to the Past[]

Determining the damage-dealing capacity of weapons in A Link to the Past is somewhat more complex than in many other Zelda games, as the game has a relatively large number of exceptions and special cases where weapons deal differing amounts of damage or have special effects depending on the target.[2] For the sake of legibility, only the most common amount of damage dealt by a weapon (when it deals damage) is listed in the table below. This table should therefore be taken as a general guideline rather than as true in every respect for every possible target. Especially notable exceptions, such as those concerning bosses, will be mentioned.

Despite the complexity of the damage system, a "high-HP enemy" strategy similar to that used with Majora's Mask can be used to determine weapon strengths, although most enemies in the game have at least one weapon that affects them in a less common way, so there is no enemy quite as convenient as the Dodongo in Majora's Mask. The Hinox interacts normally with nearly all weapons, the exception being that it is instantly killed by Link's bombs and unaffected by bombs thrown by enemies. This can be remedied by comparing bomb damage with damage from other weapons on another sturdy target, such as a Gibdo.

Some general notes:

  • As far as the programming is concerned, "instant kill" technically means that a weapon simply always deals an amount of damage greater than the target's total health. Thus, in the game's code it can be seen that "instant kill" translates to different amounts of damage depending on the weapon and the target, even though the practical effect is the same.
  • Certain enemies will take no damage from the Fighter's Sword or from Sword Beams, despite being vulnerable to more powerful swords. They can be damaged with a Spin Attack from the Fighter's Sword, however.
  • Effects of a weapon other than damage itself (e.g. stun or freeze) will invariably occur without dealing damage. Weapons that can have non-damage effects will either have the effect or deal damage, depending on the target. They never do both on the same target.
Weapon Strength
Fighter's SwordFighter's Sword 1
Master SwordMaster Sword 2
Tempered SwordTempered Sword 4
Golden SwordGolden Sword[note 1] 8
Sword Beam (any sword)Sword Beam (any sword) 1
Boomerang, Magical BoomerangBoomerang, Magical Boomerang 0.5
HookshotHookshot[note 2]
BombBomb 2
Magic HammerMagic Hammer 4
ArrowArrow 2
Silver Arrow[note 3] 50
Fire RodFire Rod 4
Ice RodIce Rod 4
Bombos MedallionBombos Medallion
Ether MedallionEther Medallion
Quake MedallionQuake Medallion
Cane of Somaria (block or projectile)Cane of Somaria (block or projectile) 1
Cane of Byrna force fieldCane of Byrna force field 1
BeeBee 1
LanternLantern[note 4] 1
Thrown bushThrown bush 1
Thrown rock/jar/skull/etc.Thrown rock/jar/skull/etc. 4
  1. Against most targets, a Spin Attack with the Golden Sword does no more damage than a regular attack with the Golden Sword.
  2. The Hookshot instantly kills any enemy that it doesn't stun and isn't immune to it altogether.
  3. The Silver Arrows deal less damage (24 times the fighter sword damage instead of 100) to Ganon than targets vulnerable to it.
  4. The Lantern only deals damage in the Game Boy Advance version of the game.

Link's Awakening[]

As with A Link to the Past, damage determination in Link's Awakening is complicated somewhat because not all enemies take the same amount of damage from a given weapon. (For example, Gibdos take significantly less damage from Arrows than many enemies do.) Thus, the listed values represent the most common damage output of the various weapons, relative to the starting sword. Good enemies to use to test weapons' strength are the Ghinis in the graveyard and any respawning minibosses, such as those in Turtle Rock.

Weapon Strength
SwordSword 1
Level 2 SwordLevel 2 Sword[note 1] 2
ArrowArrow 4
BombBomb 4
HookshotHookshot 2
Magic RodMagic Rod[note 2] 4
BoomerangBoomerang[note 3]
  1. Sword Beams from this sword deal the same amount of damage as a direct hit.
  2. Certain enemies are killed in one hit from the Magic Rod even if they take multiple hits with other weapons.
  3. The Boomerang has highly irregular damage output, instantly killing most enemies (including the final phase of the final boss) while inflicting only 2 points of damage on others.

Ocarina of Time[]

Unlike in Majora's Mask, there is no enemy in Ocarina of Time that is universally affected by most weapons, has a low threat level, and that takes a lot of hits to defeat. Instead to determine the strength of various weapons, the amount of hits they each take to beat various enemies must be compared. The strengths of various swords and weapons found in Ocarina of Time, with the Kokiri Sword set at one, is as follows:

Weapon Strength
Kokiri SwordKokiri Sword 1
Master SwordMaster Sword 2
Giant's KnifeGiant's Knife 4
Giant's Knife (Broken)Giant's Knife (Broken) 1
Biggoron's SwordBiggoron's Sword 4
ArrowArrow 2
Fire ArrowFire Arrow[note 1] 4
Ice ArrowIce Arrow[note 1] 4
Light ArrowLight Arrow 2
SlingshotSlingshot 1
BombBomb 2
BombchuBombchu 2
Din's FireDin's Fire 4
Megaton HammerMegaton Hammer 2
HookshotHookshot 2
BoomerangBoomerang 1
Deku StickDeku Stick 2
  1. 1.0 1.1 Assuming the target freezes or burns. Enemies that are invulnerable to freezing or burning will only take as much damage as they would from a regular Arrow.

Majora's Mask[]

The strength of the swords of Majora's Mask may best be measured by the amount of normal strikes it takes to kill a full-sized Dodongo. This method can be used to find the strength of almost anything that can be used as a weapon in Majora's Mask. Here is a table of the weapons, the number of hits required, and the weapons' strengths with the Kokiri Sword's being set at one:

Weapon Strength Hits Required
Kokiri SwordKokiri Sword 1
Razor SwordRazor Sword 2
Gilded SwordGilded Sword 3
Great Fairy's SwordGreat Fairy's Sword 4
Fierce Deity SwordFierce Deity Sword[note 1] 4
Energy DiskEnergy Disk[note 1] 6
2[note 2]
Goron SpikeGoron Spikes[note 3] 1
Goron PoundGoron Pound 2
Goron PunchGoron Punch[note 4] 3
Zora FinsZora Fins 1
Bubble BlastBubble Blast 2
BombBomb 2
BombchuBombchu 2
Powder KegPowder Keg 4
3[note 5]
Normal/Fire/Ice ArrowNormal/Fire/Ice Arrow[note 6] 2
Light ArrowLight Arrow 4
Deku StickDeku Stick 2
  1. 1.0 1.1 The sword and the disk may both hit an enemy at the same time. This naturally results in the enemy taking twice the damage. Some normal enemies will resist the disk because the Fierce Deity's Mask was not intended to be used against normal enemies.
  2. As dodongos cannot take damage from the Energy Disk this was tested against Odolwa, who takes 20 Kokiri Sword slashes to kill. Odolwa was killed with 1 Energy Disk and 14 Kokiri Sword slashes.
  3. These are the spikes that Goron Link has when he is using magic while rolling.
  4. A Goron Punch will not damage a Chuchu.
  5. Determining this value takes logic. First drop a Powder Keg on a Dodongo. It will then take eight hits with the Zora Fins to kill it. This means that the Powder Keg took off four hits worth, meaning that three Powder Kegs would have killed it.
  6. Unlike in Ocarina of Time, enemies frozen with the Ice Arrows in Majora's Mask take no damage, not even the damage they would take from a regular Arrow. Enemies that cannot be frozen take a regular Arrow's worth of damage, as before.

Oracle of Seasons[]

Unlike their counterparts in most Zelda games, the weapons in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages have strengths that are integer multiples not of the strength of the starting sword but of the strength of the basic punch, an attack that Link can only use if he is wearing the Fist Ring. (A stronger version is available if Link wears the Expert's Ring.) Listed below are the strengths of the weapons of Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages relative to the strength of this punch. Ghini are a good choice of enemy to test the relative strengths of weapons on, as they have a large amount of health, are normally vulnerable to nearly all weapons, and can only deal damage through direct contact.

All weapons or weapon-like items not found in this table generally do not do damage (although they may stun enemies or have other effects), and in situations where they do harm enemies always kill them immediately. (E.g. the Switch Hook splits a Bari into two Biri, and can also kill the Biri, and nearly every weapon-like item can kill a Keese.) There is one exception in Mystery Seeds, to which a handful of foes are specifically weak, but in cases where these deal damage instead of, say, stunning them or making them vulnerable these are the only way to truly damage the target and hence they cannot be compared to other weapons.

Weapon Strength
Wooden SwordWooden Sword 2
Noble SwordNoble Sword 3
Master SwordMaster Sword 5
Biggoron's SwordBiggoron's Sword 5
Sword Beam (any sword)Sword Beam (any sword) 2
Magic BoomerangMagic Boomerang[note 1] 2
BombBomb/Bombchu 4
SlingshotSlingshot/Hyper Slingshot/Seed Shooter[note 2] 2
Ember SeedEmber Seed[note 3] 2
Thrown rock/jar/mushroom/etc.Thrown rock/jar/mushroom/etc. 2
Punch (Fist Ring)Punch (with the Fist Ring) 1
Punch (Expert Ring)Punch (with the Expert's Ring) 4
Ricky's punchRicky's punch/wind attack 4
Moosh's ground poundMoosh's ground pound 4
  1. In cases where it damages enemies. Most enemies do not take damage from this weapon but are merely stunned, and in some cases not even that. However, unlike the Boomerang of most Zelda titles, this instance of the Magic Boomerang is capable of dealing damage and stunning at the same time; many enemies it damages are also stunned by it.
  2. Assuming the Seed fired is a Scent Seed. Ember Seeds have the same effect when fired at an enemy that they do when used directly on an enemy, and the other Seeds have non-damaging effects.
  3. Most commonly. A large number of enemies are immune to Ember Seeds' fire, and a number of others take greater amounts of damage from it or are instantly killed by it.

The Wind Waker[]

There are a large variety of items that may be used as weapons in The Wind Waker. It has more items that Link can pick up and use as weapons. Pigs and Moblins are good ways to test the strength of various weapons as they both take many hits, are not particularly dangerous, and are affected by nearly every weapon. Unlike the other games, The Wind Waker includes a feature to see an enemy's remaining life energy, through the use of the Hero's Charm. This can be used to aid in the judgment of the relative strengths. The Wind Waker's weapons also have the unique property of damaging anyone it hits, no matter who that is or who is wielding it, whether that is Link or an enemy. The strengths of the various weapons, relative to the Hero's Sword, are as follows:

Weapon Strength
Hero's SwordHero's Sword 1
Master SwordMaster Sword 2
Boko StickBoko Stick 1
MacheteMachete 2
Moblin SpearMoblin Spear 4
Darknut SwordDarknut Sword 4
Phantom Ganon's SwordPhantom Ganon's Sword 4
Stalfos ClubStalfos Club 4
Tingle BombTingle Bomb 2
BombBomb 4
ArrowArrow 2
Fire ArrowFire Arrow 4
Ice ArrowIce Arrow 4
Light ArrowLight Arrow[note 1] 5
Grappling HookGrappling Hook 1
Skull HammerSkull Hammer 4
HookshotHookshot 1
Boko NutBoko Nut 2
StoolStool 2
JarJar 2
JarBarrel 2
RockRock 2
  1. The Light Arrow has no fixed amount of damage. It simply destroys normal foes, is the only way to damage Puppet Ganon, and merely stuns Ganondorf in his Gerudo form.

The Minish Cap[]

There are a number of damage-dealing Items in Link's arsenal in The Minish Cap. Each of the Swords that he can acquire can be used to deal damage to most Enemies, as can Bombs, Arrows from the Bow, and their upgraded forms (Remote Bombs and Arrows from the Bow of Light).

Weapon Strength
Smith's SwordSmith's Sword 2
White SwordWhite Sword 3
White Sword (Two Elements)White Sword (Two Elements) 3
White Sword (Three Elements)White Sword (Three Elements) 3
Four SwordFour Sword 4
BombBomb 8
Remote BombRemote Bomb 8
BowBow 2
Bow of LightBow of Light[note 1] 2
  1. Charging the Bow of Light doubles its power, dealing 4 damage.

Phantom Hourglass[]

Weapon Strength
Oshus's SwordOshus's Sword 1
Phantom SwordPhantom Sword 1
BombBomb 3
BombchuBombchu 3
ArrowArrow 2
HammerHammer[note 1] 4
Grapplng HookGrappling Hook 1
JarJar 1
RockRock 1
  1. Powering up a strike with the Hammer doubles the damage dealt.

Spirit Tracks[]

Weapon Strength
Recruit's SwordRecruit's Sword 1
Lokomo SwordLokomo Sword 2
BombBomb 4
ArrowArrow 2
Light ArrowLight Arrow 4
WhipWhip 0.5
Enemy ItemsEnemy ItemsTriforce piece 1
JarJar 1
RockRock 1

Skyward Sword[]

In Skyward Sword, as in Majora's Mask, one can determine the relative strengths of the various weapons in the game by testing them on an enemy that is affected normally by them and takes a large amount of damage to kill. In this case, the ideal enemy is a Moblin, whether of the wooden shield or metal shield variety. (The latter can take approximately twice as much damage before dying, but is significantly rarer, is found in less easily accessible areas, and cannot be encountered until after Link has the Goddess Longsword. Nor is it really necessary, as even the strongest weapons require several hits to kill a wooden shield Moblin.) The "hits required" column in this table is based on the wooden shield variety. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with the Practice Sword, as Link only has this sword in the introductory phase of the game before he first descends to The Surface, and the only enemies shared between there and Skyloft are regular Keese, which take two hits with the Practice Sword and one with all other weapons, and Green Chuchus, which do not have hit points in the conventional sense but must be split down to a minimum size after which any sword kills them. However, since Keese take two hits with the Practice Sword, the simplest assumption is that the Goddess Sword, the second weakest sword in the game, is twice as powerful.

All weapons or weapon-like items not found in this table generally do not do damage (although they may stun enemies, blow them around, or have other effects), and in situations where they do harm enemies, they always kill them immediately. (E.g. the Beetle instantly kills both Deku Babas and Quadro Babas if it strikes their stems, and nearly every weapon-like item can kill a Keese in one hit.)

Weapon Strength Hits Required
Practice SwordPractice Sword[note 1] 0.5
Goddess SwordGoddess Sword[note 2] 1
Goddess LongswordGoddess Longsword[note 2] 2
Goddess White SwordGoddess White Sword[note 2] 2
Master SwordMaster Sword[note 2] 4
True Master SwordTrue Master Sword[note 2] 4
BombBomb 10

BowBow[note 3] 4
Iron BowIron Bow[note 3] 6
Sacred BowSacred Bow[note 3] 8
JarJar[note 4] 0.5
BarrelBarrel[note 4] 1
Koloktos' SwordKoloktos' Sword[note 5] 3
  1. Inferred, since as noted above, although Link cannot have the Practice Sword when he first encounters Moblins, the Goddess Sword kills Keese in one hit while the Practice Sword takes two, so the Practice Sword is most likely half as powerful. However, if the game is hacked to equip Link with the Practice Sword, it will indeed take 50 hits to kill a Moblin, double that of the Goddess Sword.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 In normal play, for each sword capable of performing it (with the exception of both Master Swords), a Skyward Strike deals the same amount of damage as a strike from the Goddess Sword. In Hero Mode, the Skyward Strike starts out with its final, True Master Sword level of power.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 Power of an uncharged shot. Fully charging a shot with any version of the Bow multiplies its power by 1.5. For example, a non-charged shot with the Sacred Bow does sixteen times as much damage as the Practice Sword or twice as much damage as the Master Sword, while a charged shot does 24 times as much damage as the Practice Sword or three times as much damage as the Master Sword.
  4. 4.0 4.1 In practice there is no location with enough of these objects around to kill a Moblin with them, but their damage-dealing capacity can be inferred by using them against weaker enemies.
  5. The swords Koloktos drops can not be removed from the boss room in which Koloktos resides, but their damage-dealing capacity can be inferred by repeated rounds against Koloktos.

A Link Between Worlds[]

As A Link Between Worlds is heavily inspired by A Link to the Past, it has a similar set of damage-dealing items and a similar set of enemies on which they can be tested to determine their relative power. Although many of these weapons have the same relative power that they do in A Link to the Past, some do not. For instance, the two upgrades to the Master Sword increase its strength arithmetically rather than geometrically.

Weapon Strength
Forgotten SwordForgotten Sword 1
Master SwordMaster Sword[note 1] 2
Master Sword Lv2Master Sword Lv2[note 1] 3
Master Sword Lv3Master Sword Lv3[note 1] 4
Boomerang, Nice BoomerangBoomerang 1
Nice HookshotHookshot 1
BombBomb 3
Nice Bomb Nice Bomb 6
Giant Bomb FlowerGiant Bomb Flower 8
HammerHammer 3
Nice Hammer Nice Hammer 6
ArrowArrow, Nice Arrow 2
Fire RodFire Rod[note 2] 1
Nice Fire Rod Nice Fire Rod[note 2] 2
Ice Rod, Nice Ice RodIce Rod, Nice Ice Rod 1
Nice Tornado Rod Nice Tornado Rod 1
Lamp Lamp 0.5
Super Lamp Super Lamp 4
Net Net 0.5
Super Net Super Net 4
Thrown bushThrown bush 1
Thrown rock/jar/skull/etc.Thrown rock/jar/skull/etc. 4
Thrown large boulderThrown large boulder[note 3] 3
BeeBee 0.25
Golden BeeGolden Bee 0.75
Purple PotionPurple Potion 16

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 For each sword that can create Sword Beams, the power of the beam is half that of a direct hit from the sword. For example, the beam from the Master Sword Lv2 is 1.5 times as powerful as a strike from the Forgotten Sword.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The Fire Rod deals a "hit" of damage to an enemy at regular, short intervals during the period of contact with the flame. This table shows the strength of that hit. Thus, for instance, if an enemy is caught in the Nice Fire Rod's flame long enough to be hit three times, it will take six Forgotten Sword strikes worth of damage.
  3. Counter-intuitive though it may appear, the large boulders do indeed deal less damage than smaller rocks when thrown.

Tri Force Heroes[]

In Tri Force Heroes, all weapon damage in the game equate to one Heart each; one point of damage equals to one full Heart worth of damage. Damage amounts were calculated mainly via Coliseum matches and seeing how much damage were inflicted on the Links, but were also tested by comparing them to the basic Sword against enemies in the game. The Gripshot (without the Robowear), Water Rod and Gust Jar are not included as they do not deal damage, but stun enemies.

Weapon Strength
Sword Sword 1
Sword Sword (Sword Suit, Sword Master Suit, Fierce Deity Armor) 2
Spin Attack Spin Attack 2
Spin Attack Spin Attack (Sword Suit, Sword Master Suit, Fierce Deity Armor) 4
Great Spin Attack Great Spin Attack (Spin Attack Attire) 4
Dash Dash (Ninja Gi) 3
Cacto Clothes Cacto Clothes 2
Bow Bow (Normal and Kokiri Clothes variants) 1
Fire Gloves Fire Gloves 1
Fire Gloves Fire Gloves (Fire Blazer) 2
per fireball
Magic Hammer Magic Hammer[note 1] 2
Magic Hammer Magic Hammer (Hammerwear)[note 1] 5
Boomerang Boomerang[note 2] 0.5
Boomerang Boomerang (Boomeranger) 1
Gripshot Gripshot (Robowear) 2
Bomb Bomb[note 3] 2
Bomb Bomb (Big Bomb Outfit)[note 3] 4
  1. 1.0 1.1 The Magic Hammer can kill most enemies in one hit by flattening them, the damage shown is for enemies that cannot be flattened by it.
  2. The normal Boomerang can only kill small enemies such as Keese.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Bombs deal half the damage to Links that they would to enemies.

Breath of the Wild[]

Main article: Weapon

All Weapons in Breath of the Wild, including Bows, display their attack stat in the inventory, which represents the exact number of points of damage that the weapon will deal in a normal hit. Weapons of the same name generally have the same stats, but can sometimes be found with a bonus that increases its base strength or adds critical hits. These bonuses are denoted in the description for the Weapon in the inventory as well as via a symbol on the Weapon's icon.

Damage dealt can be temporarily boosted through the use of certain Armor sets, Foods and Elixirs. For example, when cooking Mighty Bananas, Mighty Carps, Mighty Porgies, Mighty Thistles, Razorclaw Crabs or Razorshrooms, the resulting Food will have an attack bonus ranging from one to three in effectiveness depending on which Materials were cooked and how much was cooked. The duration of the boost also varies. When cooking Bladed Rhino Beetles, an Elixir with an attack boost will result. Link can also attain these attack boosts by wearing the Barbarian Set.

Some enemies also are weak to certain elements, such as Ice Lizalfos being immediately defeated by Fire, or Guardians being weak to Ancient Weapons. Other factors, such as Weapons breaking on impact or Arrow shots to the head will increase the damage done as well. Link can also perform a Sneakstrike by striking enemies from behind without being seen, which multiplies the damage of the strike by 8. Damage multipliers of different types can be combined for more damage.