The Water Town of Saria, also known simply as Saria, is a location from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. This town is located in midwestern Hyrule, just north of Death Mountain. It is built on the shores of a river.

In the town, Link aids a woman searching for her lost Mirror. As a reward, the woman lets him meet a Wise Man who teaches Link the Life Spell.

This is one of two towns where the Eyes of Ganon can be located. If Link talks to certain people in the city, they might turn into an Ache and attack him. Some can be easy to defeat, while others take many hits to defeat. Sometimes they might just walk away, and not turn into a Ache.

Once Link meets Bagu in the N of River, the River Man lets him cross the river. On the other side of the river is Death Mountain, where Link finds the hammer in Spectacle Rock.

Non-canonical appearances

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The Legend of Zelda comics

The Water Town of Saria is the home of many characters including Cassiopia and Rus. At one point, Ganon tricks the villagers of Saria into believing he is the real good guy, and that Link and Princess Zelda are the villains.

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The Water Town of Saria shares a name with Saria, one of the Seven Sages from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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