"The Water Dragon previously used this sizable water basin to soak in healing waters. The basin has a handle designed to aid in its transportation. However, because of its size and weight, I do not believe it could be carried by a human. No offense intended, I assure you."

The Water Dragon's Basin is a quest item from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As its name suggests, it is a basin of water belonging to the Water Dragon.


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When Link first encounters the Water Dragon, she has been attacked by Ghirahim, and is slowly healing and in need of Sacred Water. After the hero ventures into the depths of the Skyview Temple into its spring to obtain the water, he brings it to her and her wounds are healed.

LD-301S Scrapper

Scrapper carrying the Water Dragon's Basin

Later, when Link and Gorko find that the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary is blocked by a wall of flames, with a large Frog Tongue above them, Link convinces the Water Dragon to allow him to take the basin. Fi then calls LD-301S Scrapper, who brings the basin to Eldin Volcano. There, Link protects him as the two climb to the volcano's summit, where Scrapper pours it into the mouth of the frog idol, which extinguishes the wall of flames. This opens the entrance to the Fire Sanctuary.

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