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Wasteland Coyotes are Creatures in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

022 (022) Wasteland Coyote
BotW Hyrule Compendium Wasteland Coyote.png
This contentious beast is native to the Gerudo region. It makes its home in the desert, so it doesn't have a problem with hot, arid climates. They do hunt other beasts and small animals but more often turn their sights on people. They're a threat to anyone traveling through the desert.
Common Locations
Gerudo Desert
Gerudo Highlands
Recoverable Materials
Raw Prime Meat Raw Gourmet Meat

The Wasteland coyote is a canine with high haunches and ragged fur. It is quadrupedal with sharp claws on each of its toes and long, bushy tail extending from its rear. Its head is distinct with narrowed, yellow eyes, pointed ears and a prominent muzzle. Its lips can extend back when growling, exposing both its canine and carnassial teeth. Wasteland coyotes can be distinguished from wolves (their closest relatives) through their distinct brown and tan fur, which likely help them camouflage in desert habitats.

Wasteland coyotes can be found in the deserts and savannas of Hyrule. The Hyrule Compendium specifically notes Gerudo Desert and Gerudo Highlands as common locations, but they are also found in eastern Faron. These locations provide little water or shade for the coyotes, but they supposedly are very tolerant of hot climates. Like wolves, Wasteland coyotes are highly social animals that are never found alone, typically numbering at two-to-three individuals per pack. They are known to prey on smaller animals but will attack people when the opportunity presents itself.[2] When idle, Wasteland coyotes can be seen sniffing the ground and stretching their bodies. However, they will howl to alert their pack members before giving chase should they spot Link. Once cornered, they encircle Link and take turns charging at him with snapping jaws, inflicting damage on contact. However, the coyotes will disband and retreat if one is injured or killed by Link. They will not try to attack Link if he is on horseback or Sand-Seal Surfing. Killing a Wasteland coyote produces either Raw Prime Meat or Raw Gourmet Meat, rarer spoils than regular Raw Meat. The Raw Gourmet Meat can be given to Trott in order to complete the Side Quest, "A Rare Find."


  • Despite sharing nomenclature, Wasteland coyotes share few behavioral characteristics with true coyotes, which are generally smaller canines that rarely function together as packs. Reports on coyotes attacking humans are rare, and though hardy animals, they are not specifically adapted for the desert.


The Japanese name Karakara Koyōte (カラカラコヨーテ) refers to the onomatopoeia karakara meaning "dry."

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseカラカラコヨーテ (Karakara koyōte) 
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR荒原狼 (Huāngyuán láng) 
NetherlandsDutchWoestijncoyotedesert coyote
FranceFrenchEUCoyote Assek 
ItalyItalianCoyote arsur 
South KoreaKorean황무지코요테 (Hwangmujikoyote) 
RussiaRussianКойот кара-кара (Koyot kara-kara) 
Latin AmericaSpanishLACoyote del yermo 
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