Warships are ships with red paint on the bottom with two horns on both sides, a flag picture of a skull on the top and a cannon in the middle that appear The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. They are armored ships found in various locations while sailing the Great Sea. Warships found in the Great Sea are helping Ganondorf make sure that any opoenents will be under attack. Warship are more difficult to kill when Link is battling two or more or if he is near Cannon Turrets as it will cause another Warship to attack more faster and repeatedly. They fire bombs at their target in an attempt to sink it, and can be defeated with three shots from the King of Red Lions' cannon. Alternatively, Link can lure Warships to shoot down other foes. Upon defeat, they always leave behind an item orb and occasionally cause Light Rings to appear where they were sunk, allowing Link to use the Grappling Hook to raise the treasures left behind. In the GameCube version, Link will only suffer 1/4 damage but it knocks him in water. In the Wii U version Link does not fall off the King of Red Lions, however he will lose a full Heart per hit.

Warships are often found at the reefs, such as Cyclops Reef, Two-Eye Reef and Three-Eye Reef. If all Warships at the particular reef are destroyed, a Treasure Chart can be obtained.

A golden Warship, which drops a Treasure Chest containing a Triforce Chart upon defeat, is found near Needle Rock Isle. This chart, after being made readable by Tingle, leads Link to a shard of the Triforce of Courage.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends

On the Great Sea Adventure Map, 8-bit Warships can be found on certain squares and can be removed with the Cannon Item Card. Using a Cannon Item Card on a Warship will cause the Great Sea Rules to be removed from that square.

In Legends Mode, unmanned Warships can be found docked on certain stages. The Cannons on these Warships can be fired by the player by hitting its switch with the Hammer item. Due to the game's focus on land-based combat, Warships do not appear as enemies.

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